Anime expo day 1 and 2

Well after arriving yesterday afternoon we were able to check in and register at the con, I was still able to register as press but not my bf so we had to split his entrance fee, we actually arrived at 4 almost 5 so the exhibit hall was not going to be open for long, we actually took the fast tour in, saw some things I was interested in buying like a unique sailor moon poster made by a deviant art member I watch so that was my first purchase, the exhibit hall closed and we read that sensei Toshio Madea was having a panel, he is a vintage hentai mangaka creator of la blue girl, I was surprised to see that ax was getting more programing for adults, I think in part because they want to keep including crowds that have been attending since a very young age and are now adults, they even made a +21 lounge for us adults to chill in a VIP room with lots of great music, drinks and very confy couches, we hanged there for a while while we waited for the panel at 8.
The panel itself was awesome though I felt a little awkward because I was part of an non existing female group in a crowd of  400 men ._. I recorded most part if the panel so that video will be uploaded soon.

Day 2
I have a complaint….the fucking parking fee spiked from 12 dlls to 20 from last year to now aaggghhh
The internet has been really crappy at the con and at the hotel, just now the kinda fixed it and I wanted to update a little on the con via my blog.. so sorry if I haven’t been online since Thursday.
My bf wanted to check out the skullgirls panel but we didnt make it even though we were making a line.
We strolled around the hall a bit more then I felt dizzy due to the sea of people walking around me, my feet were killing me and we left early to check out little Tokyo for lunch, so It’s been a long day.

Tomorrow I want to attend the attack on titan panel and also the kodansha panel to see if the have any news on sailor moon stuff.

I’ll try to update via Twitter while at the con if I have any internet 🙂




One thought on “Anime expo day 1 and 2

  1. Que bárbara, no solo poder estar ahí sino que también disfrutaste como VIP al estar cubriendo el evento por parte de empresa, felicidades y que envidia (de la buena claro).

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