Improving is not always so easy… or is it?

I’ve come to thing about other people in the hobby a lot lately, but before I say anything… I’m not going to give out names or pages or even post pics because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or have people think that I’m talking about a certain person, the following is just a personal opinion and view of this topic.

Ever since I started this hobby I’ve always admired other people’s work, and every time I would say to myself: “I want to be able to paint like that one day”. Perseverance would be the word to describe the feelings I had to make better figures, perseverance and dedication, the will to improve one skills because you’re a very passionate person and a perfectionist or at least  try to be.

Between the people I’ve watched throughout many years, I’ve seen people who even as the years pass, their skills or their work never improve, I would think back then: “well, I guess they ‘re still learning?” but even now they still do the same work, I see it and I can’t stop but to scratch my head…”why don’t these people want to improve?”, now, there’s a big difference between style and how you work with your figures, but as far as masking correctly, preparing the figure well, even practicing painting eyes, now on that last one I can’t really complain… it took me 7 years to be able to paint decent eyes, but even that, other people have been in the hobby wayyy longer than me.

Every time I would see their works I would be so tempted to give out constructive criticism on how they could improve but the problem with that is that the majority of these people take it the wrong way, they get offended and worse! some of them have a super high ego that they even tell you “what are you talking about?! my work is perfect!” and then your left with a (._.) face and saying “ok…”  and these are the people that leave all the comments like “omg I love your work!” and they say it to the people that well, let’s face it, are the most talented people in the community… so if they can identify dazzling work… how is it that they can’t or won’t improve theirs? ._.’

Could it be that talent is not learned but it’s a given? that no matter how much you try to improve, it’s just not possible for the person because they weren’t born with the  gene to be good at this in particular? because we ALL have talent for something, I know very talented people in cooking and baking, others with drawings and illustrations, that something that I would not be sure to be able to do because I’ve tried to draw before but I just can’t draw something without having disproportions, so I just stopped trying. Now I’m not saying to give up on something that you’re sure you like a lot, but if it’s something that you have tried to improve many many years and still do the same thing… wouldn’t that be a flag to stop? I don’t believe in admitting defeat but if you must do it, it should be because there are no possibilities of improving ever, recognizing that you can’t do something is I believe very honorable and not at all degrading.

Another thing someone told me is that self esteem, that if they have a high self esteem, to them, their work is perfect, gorgeous… and their are very satisfied, would that be true? I really have no clue.

Maybe I’m the only one that looks at things like this, maybe my perspective of being an artist (because everybody that makes anything creative is), would believing this make a snotty person? or maybe even condescending?  I really hope not, because even though I see people’s work I know how to identify when they tried their hardest to make it and I can also identify when they just make a sloppy job because they just want the figure regardless of how it looks.

Those were just my thoughts, please don’t get offended as this was not directed to any person in particular.

5 thoughts on “Improving is not always so easy… or is it?

  1. I think what people need to realize is that once you share your work with the public, there’s always going to be some kind of feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Unfortunately, there are people who do not receive criticism well and feel the need to lash out. In addition, we are in an increasingly digital world where comments are just pixels on a screen. Without that personal interaction, some people may even not realize that you actually mean well and isn’t trying to put them down. Either way, I feel what is most important is that people need to have an open mind, and have some degree of toleration for criticism and cannot always expect praises.

  2. Ouch after too much time trying to compose a response to you post my kitty walked across my key board and it is gone. I will try to remember what I had written.

    I really appreciate you post.. It caused me to really think about my motives as far as modeling. I have built models for almost 60 years and my NEW interest is GK Figures. I truly believe I model for myself and my satisfaction alone. I am a contest judge and have judged many contests but I have never entered a model into a contest. I model for the fun and enjoyment of the hobby. I am always open to new ideas and techniques. If I try something new and if it is a bust I simply dump the model into the spare parts box or try to redo the problem area. I have learned over the years there is always more than one way to achieve success. My old tried and true way may not prove to be the BEST but then a “new” idea can cause far more of a problems but only by trying both can you make an informed decision. That being said I will try any new method I find to be interesting.

    I have had to do some serious introspection before I could really comment on your post. Based on my experience It makes no difference if an individual “improves” or not. The only thing that matters is weather they are enjoying the hobby. If they can’t handle constructive criticism they are are not being true to themselves. If this is their attitude they should not publish their work unless they state they will accept no criticism at all. I have been involved in situations where modelers have actually confronted a judge and have had a very threatening attitude toward them because they did not judge their model #1. Modeling of any kind is a personal activity and if ones ego interferes with this I simply ignore them. None us has any need of more hassles in our life and modeling is supposed to be fun and relaxing.

    Thanks again for your site and all the work you put into it. Your site is now one of the first sites I go too in the morning when I am having breakfast.


    • Thanks for your very constructive reply Howard, I knew that posting that would have people disagreeing with how I think, but you do have some good point there, I know that people do have this hobby for fun and in small words just something for themselves, but like you said, if you’re not open to criticism or even suggestions then why bother showing it?

      I for example also have other small hobbies that I like to do for myself and just don’t show it, I often make a lot of Christmas ornaments and other handcrafts, but these are just for me so I just don’t really make them public, but I think you are right in saying that people just do it because they want to for themselves, that occurred to me but not exactly in that way.

  3. Not everyone does it to please others or to get better at it; some people do it just to do it, for relaxation/fun and have no inclination to improve or follow critiques.

    • mmmh that might be right, but if that would be the case, wouldn’t these people just keep it to themselves instead of showing pics to the public that actually do strive to improve? idk… it just puzzles me.

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