Special episode up! All about Figure Modification! :D

Due to popular vote, I’ve made a new video tutorial, this one is all about figure modifications, if you have some free time, grab a snack, get comfy and enjoy the new video 😀

7 thoughts on “Special episode up! All about Figure Modification! :D

  1. I saw quite a lot of good ideas for my own Lamia Project. I mostly got the same ideas by myself when looking for base figures for my projects. The only exception is that I’m using Bootleg Figures instead of Resin kits. Here is what I’we done so far:


    Language is my native, Hungarian but you can see the progress just from the pictures.

    Looking forward for more tutorials.

  2. Hi Branda! This is a really awesome part I, and I can’t wait for part II. I’m still far from being able to mod my own kit, but watching this is very enjoyable and inspirational. You put so much time and effort into making these videos and it’s very much appreciated. I’m actually swamped with projects at work, but couldn’t help take a break to watch this…shh. Thanks again for sharing!

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