Lots and lots of new Projects!

Out with the old, in with the new!

These are actually some of projects I was suppose to start in October but it’s just around the corner so I decided to just go ahead and start them anyways 😀

Apparently my chibi usa and pegasus figure caused a lot of  sensation that I got a commission for 2 of them from 1 person, so I’m working with them right now, I don’t plan on making a whole new section for them in my WIP page because I’ve already made one before, so I’ll just update via blog from time to time 🙂

I got this cool Sailor Saturn on my workbench right now, I’m not going to upload the complete pics just yet because it’s just a preliminary fit and revision, but they are available here in my facebook page

For a 1/7 scale figure specially of Saturn, she is quite HUGE! but this cast has a lot of issues with air bubbles and seam lines :/


I also started a very simple but pretty Asuka, it’s an original cast and I have to say that the casting is pretty awesome, very little fitting issues and no air bubbles found so far, she’s not going to take that long to finish, but I do have to say, even though I don’t fancy Asukas and Rei figures for my personal collection, this sculpt is really cool and I’m going to have a lot of fun painting her skin tone and shading it 😀


I still have about 3 more kits to start so I’m going to be busy as a bee these next months 😀

There’s something I noticed for a while now, I’ve been getting commission requests for a lot of Sailor Moon figures from different people, it’s nothing bad at all, I love Sailor Moon and painting SM figures is always a pleasure, but I need to start working on some non Sailor Moon related kits for myself xD my collection is really wide in characters from different series and games, I’ll maybe start working on any of these kits once I decide which one what do you guys think? 😀



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