GK Tutorial: Making removable parts for your kits :D

This wasn’t exactly a requested tutorial but I though it would be interesting enough to show how you can achieve this for your kits that have extra parts that you can exhange, all this by using Magnets! 😀

I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave your thought in the comment section or via email, whatever you like 😉


5 thoughts on “GK Tutorial: Making removable parts for your kits :D

    • well, it is possible, but fairly more expensive, I just use regular aluminum pins and only use magnets when certain pieces need the be removed temp or to just be able to put the figure together.

      For example this kit http://wp.me/PIJ1t-fN (it’s a mature kit btw) it was a commission and needed to be transported when finished to it’s new owner, in order to keep the wings from braking, I used magnets to leave them in place instead of pins, as well as the head 🙂 That way, transportation was much more safer.

      • Thank you for your opinion! How heavy were the Morgan wings? They don’t look very heavy, but you never know. 🙂 I’m working on a Super Sailor Jupiter kit and have used 16 gauge wire for the pinning. I was considering magnets because some of my pieces wobble a bit. It might be that I’m not drilling a long enough hole to keep everything stable.

        • the wings weren’t that heavy but they were kinda fragile and since pinning it would have been impossible due to the very thin area where it connected to the body, I opted for magnets, I also use 16 gauge wires, it it’s still woobly, verify that the piece fits perfectly to where you’re attaching it to, when this happens to me, it’s an indicator that I need to fill those mini gaps with putty.

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