It was a bittersweet week

As the title states, this week was very bittersweet for me in many ways, this might turn out into a long post so bare with me as I just want to vent it all out because right now I feel really down 😦

This week I was excited to upload another gk tutorial, one I had been planning to show for a while on how to use magnets to make removable parts for kits. I uploaded my video and I woke up the next morning to see that it had 0 comments but like 40 likes, which to me was very unusual, so I checked into my youtube account and behold… the whole new comment system where you needed to have google+ to use the new feature, this of course infuriated me and like many other youtube creators I grabbed my camera and just ranted about the whole thing, expressing my feelings and discontent on the subject…I uploaded onto my channel and had it monetized.

Many of you have noticed the adds come up on my videos, I decided to partner with youtube to be able to gain some sort of revenue for what I upload, this is because, I know probably 1 or 2 people here, know that this is what I dedicate myself in life, I make a living out of making GK’s via commissions and special side projects I do for the pleasure of painting but not exactly to keep, those are the kits I sell on the side as well. In my time of searching for tutorials and information on how to build GK’s, I came upon many websites where they would SELL these tutorials, but many of the times it would be a gamble if you even bough them because you were never sure if they were going to be good, if they would have the subjects you wanted to know about, etc, so as you can see, I’m making all these videos free of charge for everyone by uploading them to youtube, and even if I didn’t upload them to this platform, I would still publish them for free, so these ads help in getting a few extra pennies in my pocket, not much but still something to maybe pay the internet bill…

After my rant video wen’t live, I monetized it and it’s been that way for the last 2 days, but just now I checked my youtube channel and I saw that they had taken away my monetization on that specific video without notice or reason, usually if this happens it happens before they even approve it for monetization and lets you know if you uploaded material that has copyright, but this wasn’t the case, apparently they simply didn’t like that I was throwing crap at google for forcing to use g+ I can’t monetize it and the option is no longer available for that video, I feel I have been censored on top of being forced to use something I don’t want or need, and I feel so frustrated because you can’t do anything about it, you can’t contact google or youtube to ask WHY they did this, so claiming is impossible, so I feel I have been gagged on the mouth and had my hands tied up. Not only that, the tutorial I uploaded is still pending review because they told me that I needed proof that the music I used was royalty free and still haven’t monetized my video, yet a previous tutorial with the SAME music, was automatically approved for monetization, I’m really pissed off, I did fill up their stupid “proof” form and I’m waiting for their response… I feel that youtube is making my life miserable and don’t want to go near it right now 😦

In between all this drama, I wasn’t even able to celebrate hitting 100,000 views on my website, I wanted to thank all you for constantly supporting my work and coming to visit from time to time or maybe even daily, it’s really fun to see all the people that come to my website from a lot of places around the world, I can say that I’ve learned about countries I didn’t even knew existed until I saw people coming to visit from that place, also noticing that sometimes there’s a daily trend of people that visit from a single country, some days I’ll get more visitors from the US, the next day I’ll see a lot of visitors from the UK and so on and so forth. So to all of you that take your time to browse and even read my blog, THANK YOU.

I also reached 400 likes on Facebook as well, I know a lot of people don’t like that social media site, but it’s nice to have an audience that have a genuine interest in my WIP’s that I upload almost every time I have something new to show instead of waiting for it to check it out on my website as I update WIPs more often on facebook.

Sorry if this post was too long, but if you did enjoy it, leave a comment or hit me up on facebook.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for always caring not only about my work, but also about my personal being.



2 thoughts on “It was a bittersweet week

  1. If it wasn’t for you and Liz my wife, I would still be making 54mm figures. But after watching your U_TUBE videos she brought me a GK kit and the bug bit. 24 in the stash and 30+ complete, not to mention the 7 1/24 aircraft kits and assorted 35mm figure fits. What I’m saying is keep it up Leona your the bestest XXX

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