10 Things that you don’t know about me

I was kinda bored right now, I was working on some kits but my eyes gave in and had to put them aside to rest  🙂

So, since I don’t usually share personal stuff (something I might consider changing in the future) I though I write down 10 things you don’t know about me, just for fun 😛

1.- I’m terrified of cockroaches D:   …. they give such disgust and feel sick from looking at them, if one of them some how get on me… I jump, run and do the Ace Ventura freak out if it happens


2.- Through my life, since I was a kid, I have had the need to save as many animals as I could, the total count of dogs I have rescued is 8, some turned into the family pets, and the rest were given to forever homes. The amount of cats actually surpasses with more than 30 cats rescued and relocated to forever homes and the number still grows because I don’t plan on stopping helping these animals.

3.-I can’t see horror movies without having vivid nightmares that really make me wet the bed… my brain cannot distinguish reality from fiction when I’m waking up, so even after I’m awake, I’m still really scared and if it’s the middle of the night, my brain will make me see things that are not there and a genuine fear overcomes me :S

4.-I actually am a follower of the “Ancient Astronaut theory”, I always asked myself about many mysteries that the world had since I was a teen, I never really knew there was such a theory that made the same questions I did, until I saw the show Ancient Aliens just a year ago. But I’m not really crazy like those people that want to go out to Area 51 because I have a lot of conspiracy theories @_@

5.- I have many dreams to achieve, many of them are in my bucket list, but the one that’s at the very top is: Traveling to Japan I love the culture, I love the history… the food *¬* not to mention all the pop culture

6.- I am a big Sonic fan, I never had a Nintendo but a neighbor left me her genesis at my house for like 3 years and passed each and every one of the sonic games, including the ones you connect to make an even bigger game.

7.-My guilty pleasure was watching “Ugly Betty” but the original Colombian show, I don’t approve of  any type of Tele Novelas or “mexican soap operas”, this show could be considered like a soap opera but it’s really funny, plus the fact that colombian people speak a little different than mexicans so it’s interesting watching how this culture was so different from what I was accustomed to 😛

8.- I decided to never have children and I live a “childfree by choice” life. Since I was 13 I new that motherhood was not for me.

9.- I’m so accustomed to write in English, that I’m forgetting how to write in spanish! LOL there’s just to many punctuations and signs to remember that even at this age I think it’s complicated to remember all the grammatical rules you need to follow to write anything D: English is much more simpler.

10.- I don’t really like a lot of mexican foods even though I’m mexican, I don’t like anything spicy either. My mom never really cooked all the “traditional” foods like mole, menudo, birria, etc, since we have always lived at the border, our lunches and dinners were more a combination of mexican and american things.

I hope you enjoyed  my little list, maybe I’ll share more stuff soon 😀

2 thoughts on “10 Things that you don’t know about me

  1. That was fun to read! I hate cockroaches too…along with spiders!!! One time when I was around 14, I saw a spider on the wall and screamed really loud, and then the spider fell off. I have no idea if it was from my screaming, and later I thought it was hilarious.

    Also…OMG, I LOVE Japan! I went there twice. Once on a 9-day tour + 5 days in Tokyo, and once for our honeymoon where we just stayed two week in Tokyo and explored on our own and got lost a couple of times. If you ever go, let me know!!! There are some cool places you must go to and food you must eat!!! 😀

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