My thoughts on Melissa Bachman

The internet is a very scare place sometimes, but in occasions, something sparks so much anger, hatred and controversy that spreads like wildfire and will most likely make something popular or it will destroy it.

I recently read on facebook of this woman by the name of Melissa Bachman posted a photo of her sitting on top of a full grown male lion with a big smiling grin from ear to ear on her face with the legend: “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60 yards on this beautiful male lion … what a hunt!”.

This is well known by now, if you google her up, you will see the horrible picture I’m talking about as it has gone viral, I will not be posting it here as I do not think it’s necessary to see that picture AGAIN and AGAIN and do not wish to be part of it becoming even more.

Now, this topic has been beaten with a bat already by many bloggers, anti-hunter groups, news media and social networks, oh! and not to mention PETA. This has obviously caused outrage and uproar all over the world and she’s pretty much in everybody’s mouth now. She has named herself “The Hardcore Huntress” which to me sounds really stupid because we are not in ancient Rome where this term was used. 3 days ago after it went viral, she closed her twitter account and made it private, disabled her personal website and deleted her facebook fan page due to swarm of negative criticism she has received from hundred of thousands of people all over the world condemning what she does for enjoyment, her “show” on youtube was the next target now that she blocked any type of method to contact her, I was looking at all the comments on her channel and well, we all know what happens there, regardless of the new comment system, people have gone into her videos and left messages similar or worse than what she was receiving on twitter. Death threats, misogynistic insults by the million and overall negative comments and millions wishing that her next “hunt” will actually eat her alive. Today, a few hours ago she disabled all the comments on her videos as well as the “discussion” section on her channel.

She has yet to comment or even make a sound after this went viral, either she doesn’t care and will “let it die” or she now understands that she is in genuine danger for her life because they have posted and published her home address, phone number and parents phone number. So this is just left for speculation. Even though she is being supported by the hunting groups, they are in the far minority against all the people that want her either dead/wishing she get cancer/want to hurt her if they see her in person and want to ban her from ever hunting anywhere again.

After following this story in the last 3 days, I feel that I can now express what I think about the situation, first off, it hurt my soul to see how she kills in cold blood even if it’s LEGAL, for someone like me who is pro animal life and has saved so many cats and dogs in my life, it’s so painful to see this woman take such joy in taking a defenseless animal’s life and still saying “Oh such a beautiful animal!” it boggles my mind when I see this woman saying that and still killing it, to me, she has no regard for any animal life, she demonstrates that she only has a love for blood and a killing spree. She doesn’t hunt, she just stalks animals and shoot them from a far with her big guns that look like sniper rifles, “she kills for a living” she says, I cannot accept that. Just the other day I was watching a show on the discovery channel on how the Romans would capture and transports exotic and wild animals from Africa all the way over to the coliseum to just have them killed for the entertainment of others… those were barbaric days in that era, and she is  doing just that today. The Romans didn’t think that they were doing anything wrong, their morals were much much lower than what we have today, and that’s the problem with this woman, she doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong. Her morals are low hence, she has no respect, love or regards for nature’s animals.

Even though hunting is legal, it’s still wrong to “hunt” down and kill an innocent animal, the hunting groups say that when an animal is killed for sport that the meat is not wasted, I don’t believe that, lions, bears, zebras, antelopes and gaiters are not to be eaten. These are exotic animals and she is just contributing to extinction of another species in our planet, hunting business say that these animals are bread and grown only for soul purpose of killing them, WHAT KIND OF MENTALITY IS THAT?! There is no excuse, no reason and no justification for this, exotic animals should be born just to be killed by men who enjoy this.

I personally do not wish for the death of this woman, I do not want to lower myself to her level. However, I do wish that she be banned from killing animals anywhere in the world.

Killing animals should be a crime if it’s not to eat them for our survival.

Humans need to open their eyes and lose the “barbaric” instincts for the greater good of not only humanity, but the planet as well.


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