New camera, Miku Raffles and sales this week!

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you that donated for my camera replacement, I really appreciate the kindness and support, your hard earned dollars were used for a good cause, and to demonstrate it, I uploaded a special video this weekend on the topic, so if you haven’t seen it, take a few minutes and watch it, there’s a surprise for those of you that helped out ^_^

Secondly, I’m making a raffle for an SD Hatsune Miku winter version GK, so the link is on the side menu, and all the information regarding times and prices are in the video above, so don’t forget to check it out, if not, there’s still information on the purchase page 🙂




I’m holding an auction for a set of Chibiusa and Pegasus kit, I was asked to build 2 sets as a commission, but there were some issues and the person ended up paying only for 1 set, so I’m selling it because I already have my set and don’t want to keep this one.

SONY DSCThe link to the auction can be found here

And lastly, I finished up Sailor Saturn and you can now check out her gallery here



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