Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays everyone! 



I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish all my followers a wonderful season, hoping that you’re spending time with your loved ones, eating a lot of yummy foods getting lots of presents, but above all, spreading cheer and joy to everyone.

I know most of you are already probably eating with your family, eating some turkey or if you’re all the way over in Japan, eating some KFC chicken lol. So don’t worry I know a lot of you are busy today, but tomorrow as they say here is the “recalentado” which is the re-warming of the food left from the night before and everybody will most likely have more time to do other stuff, like watching TV or maybe even hitting youtube wearing your new cloths (because let’s face it, EVERYBODY gets new cloths on chirstmas lol) maybe some sleepers, or some warm PJ’s so may I recommend a nice video to watch? 😀

I uploaded a new short video regarding the SD Miku figure raffle, so when you have some time, sit back and enjoy this short video for the holiday season.

You can also check out Miku’s complete gallery here  
Remember that raffle tickets will still be sold until Dec 30th at 11:59 p. The raffle will be a LIVE recording on Jan 1st 2014 at 2pm PST, I’ll be there to announce the winner and also to chat with the people that join me in the live event, so mark your calendars and hope you’re not too hungover to watch lol

One thought on “Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. Hi leonas, i am really crazy for the hatsune miku figure you have done. I didnt know there was a raffle ticket to be purchased and Im really liking her figure. Can i still get a chance to win it?

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