2013 in Retrospective

Ah… it’s that time again, the year is ending and it’s the season to remember everything that happened and didn’t to learn and to have in mind for next year, in this case 2014. For me, this year was better than most other years, so join me while I remember all the events that happened so far!

At the beginning of the year I was still working with a call center company, I had been working with them for a year, however, the last couple of month were horrible, from being content with my job, it went to being miserable, even though I worked from home, I still had to deal with a lot of crap from the people that called for “assistance”. 6 years ago I vowed never to work in a call center again and I had to brake that vow because I needed money, working in call centers is horrible, you end up being somewhat of a racist and start having resentment to certain people because they were the ones being real asses when they called, I’m not happy about what I’m going to say because I know I have several people following me from that country, but I came to detest people from the UK in general, FON was the  biggest customer that the company had (or has, idk) and 90% of the calls where from this campaign, at first it was interesting, I had never spoken (on a regular basis) with british people, but then there were a lot of problems with the service (problems that we could not resolve and it was not our fault) and all the shittyness started coming in, from angry to down right offensive people calling,  people who I never really understand what they were saying because they were screaming in an English accent, I discovered that the british (the majority of them) hated americans, and I would constantly receive hurtful insults from the “c***t” word to the “Fucking Yankee” expression, which is stupid and funny at the same time because I’m not even American but since I don’t have an accent, they though I was.
This lead me to hate British people due to all the crap they would throw at me on the phone. So I decided to quit this horrible job, thanks to some persuasion from my boyfriend, I left the call center thing for good and decided to do what I actually loved but never thought to develop  full time. Many of you might ask if I still detest british people, No, I don’t now, after I had several months to cool down, I didn’t dislike them anymore 😛 In fact, I’ve met very cool people from the UK recently so it has helped to change my perspective of their business doing habits lol.

And from this even, I start with the great stuff that happened later.

After I quit, I opened up slots for the year to see if there were any people interested in my work, to my surprise, I started to receive a LOT of requests and very quickly started to fill up all my slots, this was the first time in my life where I could say that I have a full time job and I LOVE it, after that I just started to upload more videos and tutorials, more and more people started to take interest in my work, to the point of being featured on VSAUCE BiDiPi creative show case (build it, draw it, play it), I was so excited and couldn’t believe it! I never though they’d showed my work to the world! and for those of you that are going Vwhat?, VSauce is a huge youtube channel dedicated to showing a lot of cool stuff, from nature, to science to just incredible.

From that point on, I started to get tons of subs from people who saw that video, this made me even more motivated to make more videos and open a facebook fan page, it started growing little by little, I’m still close to hitting 500 likes but I’ll get there 😀

Back in August I was featured at a local comic convention here in Tijuana, I was the most visited booth in the event, a lot of people were surprised and very interested in what I did, as this hobby is unknown to most people here, so I though I’d show it to get more interested in it, it was really cool and had a blast at the event along with my friends who helped me while I was there, I really hope I get to do more in the future.




Shortly after that I reached 1000 subs on youtube, I was so surprised to have more people subscribing, that said to me that I was doing something right and that made me feel so happy! but a few weeks later came the dreaded youtube/google+ integration and it hit me hard, because I didn’t want to use something I didn’t want, but I had to give in at the end because I still needed to reply to people who would ask questions or guidance for something I uploaded, fortunately google heard our displeasure with the whole ordeal and somehow managed to fix some issues but not all.

So this year was full of cool events, I hope next year will be even better than this one, I really hope Anime Expo approves my GK workshop next year, I hope to reach 2000 subs soon and I do plan on making more tutorials and Vlogs, my viewers have given me the confidence to come up on camera and just talk about stuff, so I’ll be uploading more of those with my personal perspective of things, hobby related or not 😀

Looking back at the amount of completed figures, I’m also surprised of the number I finished compared to other years, I think I’ve made more this year than all my combined time of doing this hobby LOL, I plan on braking that record next year too xD

For now, I decided to make a little collage of figures I’ve completed this year into a video, so if you haven’t watch it, check it out now 😀

I also hope that all of your New Years Resolutions  will be realized within the year, I tend to not make them because I can never do them, but at least, I plan on Improving my health and reaching more milestones on the things I love to do!

Happy New Years Everyone!


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