Sailor Moon Confirmed for Summer 2014


Finally some news from Toei Animation, they have officially announced on 1/9/2014 that Sailor Moon comes back to life for the Summer 2014 Anime season!

For many SM fans including myself, we have been on a never ending roller coaster of  excitement, joy, deception, disappointment, then rumors come again, vague twitter feeds from Osamu just giving hints here and there about the new anime and! don’t forget the gift store at the end of the ride… Tons and TONS of new SM merchandise, which is really good, but extremely expensive and overpriced all because it has “premium” on the sticker.

Ever since July 2012, there has been speculation on what the series will be about, what’s the animation style going to be like, how many episodes will it be for, will it be a remake, etc. I don’t believe that in the history of anime, there has been more secrecy and confidentiality than what Sailor Moon had, how was it that they just blured it out and not give a lot of information on what will be the official gist on this brand new anime. A lot of people in the Japanese media have speculated that the anime was going to the directed at now adult fans that this series has all over the world, other people said that it was going to be remake of the original anime directed to little girls to expand the fan base even more, but the rest of we left with our imaginations.

The anime was first announced by again vague twitter feeds by Osamu, for Summer 2013, everybody got excited but there was still NO information whatsoever on the series was going to be about, not eve the art design, well, summer came and went and we still did not see any new SM in the anime lineups, come Osabu again to say that it gets delayed for WINTER 2013, here we go again! let’s go to the roller coaster guys! we waited, and we waited, in the meantime… came the biggest load of SM merchandise ever to hit the market, from both Japanese and American companies, SM Tshirts from Hot Topic we’re flying off the shelves like freshly baked bread, GE got a lot of keychains, stationary, bags, iphone cases, cosplay items, then from Bandai Japan we get the Sailor Moon Figurarts posable figures, makeup, mugs, tshirst for more than 60 dollars, bags, nail polish, the the generation 3 Manga, the Proplica Moon Wand… you name it. Curiously, all this merchandise was directed to older women fans and it wasn’t for kids like the original SM merch from 1995-96, so from this theme, there was even more speculation on who the anime was going to be directed.

Winter 2013 came and we still didn’t even see any news from the anime that was suppose to air already, leaving many of us again in disappointment, but oh! look! on the horizon…. A new Sailor Moon Musical… “La reconquista” yup, a new Musical where all the actors are women including Mamoru but no anime, it was a great way to distract the fans by shinning a pointy dot to the other side of the room and chase it. So this new musicals comes up and it was great for the fans of Sera-Miu but, what about the rest of us? what about the anime? give is info, show us art style, tell us what the story line is going to be about! No… no… no, sit down, suck it up and buy more merchandise said GE, Bandai and Kodansha, so what did we do? YUP! we purchased even more stuff like the good and faithful fans that we are.

So we have been left with more time and we even started to think that maybe the anime will never be a reality, they’ve already delayed it a year and some theories would come up as of why, some fans said that maybe it was going to be a “surprise” and that all the buildup was justified, other fans would say that they didn’t want to show anything because of fear that it will not be taken well and just fail and lose millions of yens. It quieted it down until yesterday.

Officially from the production studio Toei Animation  and producer Atsutoshi Umezawa, the news is official and it also appears in the Sailor Moon Website. The producer said that is was NOT going to be a remake of the original 90’s anime:

“This second anime adaptation of Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon is not remaking the previous anime, but adapting Naoko Takeuchi‘s original manga and starting from scratch again. It is quite a project. The entire staff has been working hard to show everyone an entirely new Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon, so please look forward to it.”

This is what ALL OF US have been waiting for, the news that the anime is going to be based off the Manga! finally we have the light at the end of the tunnel of this long roller coaster ride.

The new anime director is Munehisa Sakai he directed One PieceOne Piece: Strong WorldSuite Precure and Yūji Kobayashi will be in charge of the script, who also participated in Saint Seiya Omega and Smile Precure.

Momoiro Clover Z is performing the theme song which for some SM fans is disappointing because they don’t really like their “idol style” of singing.

The new anime will begin streaming worldwide on the Niconico service in July.

It might have sounded as I was complaining a lot in this post, some of it was but to be honest, I was also very happy to see a lot or merchandise from SM, but I don’t like the way they managed the information and how they teased us for more than a year, and with this I think I speak for the majority of fans that were also very impatient about the topic, I personally was starting to think that it was going to be a really bad anime because they didn’t want to tell us anything, like maybe a hoax to just sell all this merchandise and give promotion to the musical, I still have my doubts, looking at the staff they have chosen, I’m not really sure that this anime will be directed to the fans from 20 years ago, a lot of Precure elements are being included, from the idol group that will sing the opening (I never liked it) , to the director that was more successful with one piece (that to me is crappy anime) and also for the precure franchise (which is also another anime I think is really childish) I’m not really sure what will happen to Sailor Moon.

But the good thing is, that we finally have heard the official source and I really hope this is not another roller coaster ride with more disappointments at the end.

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