The controversy with Benten

Since the people over at myfigurecollection tent to not like what I have to say most of the times (I get badgered by them too) I decided to take my personal opinion on this subject here in blog where I RULE.

A few months back there was an announcement to release this figure


I personally did not know where it came from, what anime, manga or video game, I really though this figure was extremely beautiful, in fact I was mesmerized from the sheer design, I personally though it was a woman since you couldn’t see a lot of “things” when it was uncolored. Time passed by and the colored version pictures pop up over at myfigurecollection as well as the price, there was a complete uproar from people, some were offended that this figure was a MALE figure, calling it “Okama” that means “transvestite”, other people were horrified at the price, apparently it  was going to be sold for 24,000 yes which is around 240 dollars plus shipping.
When I saw the colored version I was still even more mesmerized because of level of detail that the sculptor did





from having a few dozen comments on the entry page, I saw it right now and it now has a ridicules amount of 700+ comments! I sincerely was to lazy to read them, but by reading one of the “interesting comments” that get pushed up to the top, there are a lot of homophobes in that community, people who didn’t like that a Male figure could look like a girl, in this case a bishonen (pretty boy) figure, how can these people who love the loli figures and explicit figures can judge and dislike this figure in particular? I’m not a fan of lolis nor explicit figures (like the ones with tentacles) however, I don’t judge or bash people who do like those types, why is it that these people feel the need to whine and nag not only at the figure but also at the price, there are some out there that purchase 5-10 figures a month, spending at least 1000 dollars, yet they nag about a well calculated price of 240 dollars, I would have not quoted that figure any lower because it’s really well sculpted and painted (for a pvc of course).

I didn’t really know anything about this character, but this person just gave the full 411 in a small paragraph

With all these…shouts – it’s time just to specify as part of the official description that it’s HE and His gender is MALE – in the data above. Just to people with poor eyesight and bishounens haters not get cognitive dissonances and not poured out it in the comments – the first is bad for their health, the second – for ours.

Benten never tried to seem a girl or positioned himself so, it’s manga’s canon and he can easy to hit between the legs or in face to any person for such heresy.
His style is screaming, provocative, GORGEOUS – but it’s JUST a style. And he justifies it with his deep conviction that all yatagarasu, the messengers of Heaven, should be beautiful as GODs. Everything else justified a simple phrase (official translation by Tokyopop).


I read about the “Yatagarasu” and it’s a real Asian folklore legend which is a three legged crow.

Now I’m even more intrigued to read this manga out all this controversy that boiled up over at mfc. Some people don’t know how to appreciate great sculpting skills even if it hits them in the face with a big fish, those are the people that whine about the price. Some people are not sure about their sexuality for hating this figure (at a certain level) because they express homophobia, if you’re certain about your sexuality, nothing like this will ever bother you, I personally accept the  LGBT community, I see nothing wrong with their personal choice of who they decide to love. In Japan this is not seen as something wrong, since the Christian religion and specially the inquisition never touched the Japanese people in the dark ages, homosexuality is something normal for them, there are historical records that report Samurai Lords use to have young boys as lovers and even recorded in the second world war that several generals were gay and had their male companions too, that’s why there have been countless animes and manga with gay references or gay characters, Like Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon.

So get your mind out of the gutter, if you like the figure, appreciate it for what it is, if you think the price is horrendous, shut up and don’t buy it.

I personally would love to see a GK conversion of this figure because I would love to paint him myself.

9 thoughts on “The controversy with Benten

  1. Leona! I luv you for this summary 🙂
    As i saw the unpaintes figure last year, i absolutly fell in love with her … Than i too was going to look for referenze and found out that he is a guy 🙂
    And i love him even more now!
    It!s a stunning masterpice! The pose, the details!
    I was so much hopen it would turn out to be a kit.
    If one time there will be the chane to get him, i would love to!!!
    And don’t give a shit anout those stupid people!
    Greetings Iblis

  2. I know nothing about the figure community so I can’t say anything about that; however, this is a beautiful figure. I love the pain job it really makes the figure feel more alive. I going to have to check out this series now because a simple google search reveals some kick ass artwork.

  3. I thought it’s female character at first. It’s definitely not in my type (I’m not fan of such delicate men, don’t have anything aggainst though), but it’s still one of best figures I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t buy it myself, but if I’d get such commission – I’d be more than just happy being able to work on such figure. It’s really well done and people have too much free time, if they’re moaning about him looking girlish.

  4. Fully agree! he is an amazing figure and if you get the GK I’d look forward to seeing how you do him! If I had the money I’d get him for sure and I donno who he is either XD

    • He’s from a manga called zone-00. especially if you like handsome men like Benten here.It’s a good read 😉 But there’s also a good amount of boobage as well. It’s a really interesting manga, because it plays with BL/yaoi elements, but also has girls with boobs who are main characters and is not specifically yaoi/bl. I enjoyed the artwork a lot. It was translated into english for 4 volumes but tokyopop went under. It must be gaining some popularity in Japan, maybe? No idea. I wish I could keep up with it but I am kind of against scanlations. The author/artist is Kiyo Qjo/ Kiyo Kyujo

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