The weekly update

Not exactly starting a trend but I will try to share what happened in the week if there is ever something interesting to talk about ūüėõ

This time I finished up these 2 girls a few days ago, but just now took pictures due to some personal health issues, so click on their pictures to check out both their galleries!

This is Seiori, an Original character by¬†MadHatterKyoko, this is a kit conversion, took me several months to complete her because the¬†samurai kit¬†originally had a lot of armor things so I had to just remove, sand, patch her body and extend her hair ūüôā



A very simple kit, finished a few days ago, the base is a temporary one, as my customer told me that he had a special crystal base for her, so I just added a temp one so she can stand for the pictures, also there were some imperfections in the clear resin from the inside of the casting, unfortunately they could not be corrected, so to not eliminate the transparent effect, I left it that way.



And lastly, I want to share this with you guys…

Ever since I was 17 I had to support myself to pay school, food and rent, I had never found a place where I could enjoy the activity I was doing to make a living, call it receptionist, customer service rep and even personal assistant for corporate douche bags, 2 years ago I was working in a dead en job, miserable and depressed, my boyfriend encouraged me to leave it and dedicate myself to the one thing I loved to do: Garage Kit building, my dream was always to do something that made me happy (job wise) without his support, I would not be here with you guys today.

My boyfriend’s life long dream was to make a video game, he has begun the development of an indie game along with 4 other members of Calaca Studios, I’m very thrilled to share the first ever Teaser of¬†Ghamus, please support my boyfriend’s project, it’s a very promising story and game play style as it’s going to be a beat em up game in 2D and 3D styles but also incorporating elements from a fighting game, share this video and give them a like, because when you’re supporting him, you’re supporting me,¬†¬†he helped me reach my dream of working with what I loved, now it’s my turn to help him reach his dream of creating his video game. This is a very important project, specially because it’s the first ever that an indie video game that will be developed here in Baja California (Mexico).


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