First ever Podcast Episode! And weekly update :D

It’s been a crazy week!

First of all I want to present the first ever podcast episode with myself and my friend Seraph Phoenix from Of The Ash Tree, in addition to my video tutorials, this will be a new segment to my presentations, we will talk about a lot of things that I don’t exactly touch in my video tutorials so if you’re working or doing whatever it is you do in your day, you can either download the audio file or stream it 🙂 It’s more laid back with personal stories and experiences, so it’s something different but fun ^_^

Link to the podcast can be found here

This will be a weekly podcast premiering every Friday!

Second of all, New galleries for Eternal Sailor Moon and Cure peach are up! so check out their pics by clicking on the photos below.




OMG! I got featured on a Tweet from Deviantart!!! I still can’t believe they choose one of my works, to be sincere, I never really though I’d be featured at any moment, it’s truly a wonderful surprise.



There were some other uncomfortable moments this week, but they are not even worth remembering, all that’s left to say is there are sick people in this world, obsessed with something that they need to have even if it’s means harassing you, but I will not let them lower my spirits me anymore, for one bad apple in the fans, there’s 1000 better to look for support, love and caring.


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