The curious case of Mr. Fu Man Chu

Recently I encountered someone who claimed was a fan of mine, he decided to give “advice”, when in fact I did not asked for it, exposing some points that were even incorrect, it came down to the be the age old saying “wrong place, wrong time”; giving “advise” and at the same time ridiculing my actions in a public posting making me look bad, mix that with the fact that I was in no mood to deal with assholes at that moment because I had dealt with other assholes over that weekend, it only piss me off even more as I was in “NO TOLERANCE” mode at that moment. After telling Mr. Fu Man Chu to go fuck off because I didn’t ask for his advise, to go poke his nose somewhere else in the same public comment, he then though to contact me via contact form demanding an apology because I called him a smart ass, wow! it took him a “go fuck yourself” ticket to think this time and actually use logic to contact me privately, also saying to pretty much praise him because he was giving me “free” legal advice and to almost kiss his ass because nobody does this, you need to have your head way up in your ass to have that way of thinking, that you’re doing people a favor even when they didn’t ask for it because you’re all mighty and knowledgeable This is pretty much how I pictured Mr. Fu Man Chu with his attitude  With that, I just told him to never contact me again, because if you were in your right mind or have common sense, you would have contacted a person privately in the first place, even if you’re crazy enough to think that they desperately need your advise and you must save the day. After that, I blocked his ass, I didn’t want to deal with him anymore, because it’s not worth my time, I though that that was that, but later in the day, I noticed that he then decided to leave more public comments calling me all kinds of things just because I was not going to kneel before zod! So thinking that if you leave more comments attacking me, you will still get an apology? *Sad trombone* If I was starting to cool off and probably think about maybe saying sorry for the “smart ass” remark, you lost your ticket dude, like really lost it, if you called me arrogant and ignorant, let me tell you that you have a god complex and you are also a very obsessive person.

Anybody in their right mind could have just moved on, but you? no, you had to go and keep at it, sending me more emails where you’re degrading me even more, I didn’t read any of those emails, when you read titles you know that the person is still saying crap, not just 1 email, several, I did not reply to any of them because like I said, it wasn’t worth my time, went to nap it off and when I returned, he decided to go to my youtube channel and spam several of my videos with the same comment, over and over, by this time I knew that Mr Chu was still worked up and decides to do what any jack ass does on the internet, troll; I really don’t know what the fuck you were thinking by spamming shit all over the place, either you were high and drunk, or you just want to keep trying to get my attention, well, you did, only to ban you from my channel, another *sad trombone* please, so on top of having a god complex, being obsessive, you also harass me with emails and spam my channel, at this point I remembered an episode from the Animanics, where Slappy Squirrel had to deal with similar shit one time, I just wish I was a cartoon to do the same to Mr. Chu.

Obviously not content with being banned for spamming, he decided to go onto another blog to write about legal shit, trying to send a message, you’re entitled to write whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean I will  read it LOL

It’s funny how this person has a super necessity of wanting to “advise” others when in fact, NOBODY asked him for it (again lol), it’s ridicules to see someone write about something that has nothing to do with the topics, I did however check the comments on one of his last jabberer and other people were just saying that if they wanted to read about legal shit, they would have gone to wikipedia, his response:

“I NEEDED to write this to cure someone’s ignorance”





OMG how altruist of you xD hahahahahahaha I got a kick outta that one.

Take your head out of your ass seriously xD

Ah man…, he can keep on going like an idiot coming with with legal crap on blogs, I don’t give a rats ass about what he says, and since I know that he’s an obsessed person, Mr. Fu Man Chu is lurking on all my media pages, this one included, so I know he’s reading this.

So Mr. Chu, let me say this, you are a poor poor little man wanting to get the attention of a person who is ignoring you for trolling and harassment, kinda like a kid wanting his parents approval, you may even have psychological issues now that I think about, all this  not because of what you said in your legal crap, but because of your attitude and actions.

With “fans” like you, who needs enemies.

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