The most idiotic things I read on MyFigureCollection

I tend to just use that site to keep track of my things, sometimes I do post some blogs, but do to people knowing that I do work with recasts, I sometimes get bullied or insulted by other crazy people on that site, as they condemn everyone who purchase “bootlegs”, I’m not going to go into details of legality, I have already given my opinion and reason for working with recasts, I don’t feel I need to repeat myself, so I tend to just no post anything anymore as people are such jack asses and jerks over there that I wonder how is someone suppose to get along with other so called collectors if they are only bashing someone for just wanting to buy something regardless of it’s origin.

Since I know posting this on their blog section will probably get me bashed and attacked, I’ll take the liberty to write it on my personal blog, why? because freedom of speech, that’s why.

As of lately, I’ve been reading some very ridicules blogs from people, some were funny but some just made me lose a bit of hope in humanity.

So many people make blogs about age, they’re all freaked out about being too old or too young to be collecting, just because their friends or family tell them “they should stop the hobby” or reading about other people their age saying that they stopped collecting because it was “immature”, these people can’t think or feel for themselves, they’re always worried about what other people say or think about what they like, and these are not just kids, these are people almost in their 30’s, with an age like that, his logic and reasoning surprises me, and this topic comes up almost on a daily bases, IT’S STUPID! How can you let other people dictate what you’re suppose to like, buy or enjoy? I’ve been collecting figures since I was 16 and now at 30, I don’t even think of “oh… I might just stop when I turn 40” WTF???!!! these people have no place collecting if the opinions of other people affect them so much.

Every day I see people crying and throwing tantrums like a little kid when they see a new entry posted of a figure that looks really awesome, but it’s a GK, these collector bastards are always getting a shit ton of PVC figures every month, the grand majority of them don’t even have a GK counterpart, not content with that, they have go and rant on the entry: “why did it have to be a GK”… why? WHY NOT?! these people think that GK builders don’t deserve such figures for our enjoyment, it pisses me off every time I see someone cry about it, they cry for a Saber… a Saber!!! one of the most exploited characters turned figure, she has tons and tons of prepainted figures available, yet they bitch and moan about that particular one…. PVC collector logic… gotta love it.

The rants about not having money to pay for their preorders… really? these people have such poor money organization that they preorder on impulse, and they admit to doing it, yet here they are crying and ranting about not having money to pay the order, or having the order canceled by the store for non payment, really? To me, these people are so irresponsible, how can you order so many things and not think about the money you’ll have to pay later, it’s idiotic how these people want to look like they’re suffering, to me, they’re just irresponsible people who should not have access to purchase figures if they don’t have the money, they look ridicules posting those blogs, if I knew that my rent was due in 2 weeks, I would not go on a shopping rampage just because it was on sale or because they really liked the figure.

The “My parents don’t understand my hobby” or “My parents want me to stop collecting”, dear god, most of these people are already 23 years old and they still let their parents rule over their lives, if they’re unhappy because their parents “don’t understand them” they should either move out or talk seriously to their parents and tell them to back off, it might sound harsh, but at that age, these people are already adults, they should act like it and stop crying over their parents telling them what to do. I was fortunate to never have to experience that situation in life, I left home when I was just 17 and been living by myself ever since.

The endless “xxx store preorder question” so many people post again and again the same damn question for shipping, prices or whatever regarding their order for whatever store, instead of doing a search and read a little, no, they have to post the same question that has already been answered before countless times. These people are lazy and want everything in their mouths.

The guys that’s always posting the same “figure market poll” I’m not going to go into details, it’s just a dumb blog post asking people to guess what price will a figure have in X amount of time…. it’s starting to tick me off.

The guy that’s always posting the “which Figure of this Character is better” again, another annoying person posting the same blog over and over, just asking about what’s the best figure for X character….

It’s because of all this, that I have little respect for these collectors… and it’s because of this, that I restrain myself from reading stupid and annoying blogs about pointless things….




Thank you for reading if you came this far.

You deserve a cookie 🙂

7 thoughts on “The most idiotic things I read on MyFigureCollection

  1. I came across this blog from a google search. I think you’ll be entertained by what’s happening in this blog post on MFC:

    Notice that, if you go through all of the comments, a lot of people are sympathizing because “sometimes stuff comes up” and others are like “you didn’t plan well enough” but only 1 person (sort of) has admitted that they should’ve budgeted better. pretty funny lol

  2. “The rants about not having money to pay for their preorders”
    OH MY GOD THIS. I don’t get it. The people who are like “Oh it got delayed… so I bought something else with the money…HOW AM I GOING TO PAY FOR IT NOW”
    Like…just… don’t use that money????? I don’t get why that’s such a hard concept to grasp.

    Also “Which figure is better” ….The one that looks most aesthetically pleasing to you? Can’t you even figure that out?

    And yeah I’m sick of Saber. I’ve only just started with kits (On my 5th) but looking for new kits and seeing a MILLION Saber kits last month because of that Saber festival…on top of the ones at WonFes, it boils my piss. You have a billion PVCs and Kits available of Saber and it’s apparently not enough T^T

  3. Found this randomly in a google search but sums up what I think quite nicely 🙂 (and I’ve only just noticed that I watch your tutorials online too xD).

    I’m old to the modelling/painting hobby but new to the site my figure collection. It’s very useful have to say but even in the short time I’ve been there I’ve started to notice the one or two posts regarding recasts and the like. Doing what we’re doing and getting flak from the ‘normal’ people I thought we couldn’t bitch and moan with each other, sigh.

    I love GKs, the modelling and painting has been a passion of mine since I was a kid so when I read posts like ‘Why only GK!’ I’m sort of laughing and crying cause I see a model in PVC and think ‘Why not a GK?!’. I could easily mod the PVC version but… it’s just not the same. Guess it goes both ways.

    I was thinking about migrating to my figure collection to keep track of my anime GK work but it sounds from you that that is a bad idea, since I also work with recasts.

    P.S. Love your youtube vids, keep up the good work *thumbs up*

  4. Most of the people in /myfigurecollection/ are rich spoiled brats that have too much money to spend…They are 20 years old+ and their parents still bends to their every need? They even beg their parents to help them get it….Sad world we live in…

  5. Man, that is exactly why I stoped reading comments on MFC (and facebook communities) most people just like to endless cry and act like fucking parrots repeating over and over and over the same things and the worst part are the fucking new collectors that love to nitpick at the tiniest problem in the figure -_-
    sorry for the rant in your rant post ^^’

  6. Nice to see opinions about the dump that is called Blogs on MFC these days. Due to clubs and forums being buried somewhere deep below the interface, all stupid questions obviously go to blogs. Including minor questions regarding payment and order at certain stores, USPS rants, which-figure-should-I-buy polls and monthly HAULS.

    Personally, I hate the word ‘haul’. Especially when it is used in regards to a small box with 1-3 figures and features boring text and crappy phone camera pics. It’s not easy to make a good loot post and obviously most of these are unreadable or feature a crappy video from YouTube so the sole purpose of this blog is getting YouTube views. Same goes for the so-called reviews with pictures showing nothing but dark noisy and blurry images edited poorly into (the worst case being ‘screw BB Code let’s just post links to so that everyone sees the awesome porn banners they have!’) of a figure that has been already reviewed numerous times. Then these people take it a whole new level and make a separate blogs to ask what to review next and how. My fingers itch every time I see those.

    The only blogs that offer some interesting subject for discussion end up getting closed or deleted by a MOD due to all those creeps who come there only to get offended (even though it’s usually stated clearly that the author wants no offense or arguments!) and shout about that and bash at everyone who is not offended and wants to discuss. So, to prevent offense to these poor kids the MODs take the easy route and offend the author. Obviously, that person would think twice next time before wasting time on a blog that will inevitably get deleted or closed or provoke a lot of hatred due to totally intolerant people who demand that everyone was tolerant and understanding to them.

    Actually, statistics blogs about prices proved very useful in the long term (the author is kind enough to keep track of all major scale releases) – PVC figures got very expensive these days and paying that sum for the same quality only to see that it gets cheaper after release is a huge bummer. These blogs kinda help one see the pricing tendencies to save some cash in the future.

    Anyways, thanks for bringing up this topic. You’re not the only one frustrated by ignorant people here.

  7. I agree. If you like something, admit it and be brave enough to not care what other people think.

    I admit to being of two minds about recasts. On the one hand, I know several resin model kit sculptors and producers. I certainly don’t want their intellectual property stolen with them not getting a dime. There comes a point where they stop producing kits. On the other hand, some great kits are not being produced anymore or are just not available to most of us — like anime kits. I also cannot afford as many PVC statues as I like. So if I see a figure come up on eBay or e2046 (and I can afford it) I don’t see very much wrong in buying it.

    I just wish I finished more kits than I do.

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