EP 5-6 of our Podcast is online!

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delay, but do to availability and time, this will be counted as 2 episodes in one (hence it’s longer than usual) this was suppose to be uploaded last Friday, so please bear with us as we can only record and upload depending on our personal time.

This week we’re talking about the GK blues and how to overcome it, also talking about a delicate topic for many sensitive people which is critiquing the works of others and yours as well.

Be sure to visit our main sites, remember that you can post and ask questions on either site, we will be doing a LIVE recording for our next podcast in 2 weeks too! so look forward to it 🙂

Also! I’m providing a new service to those interested in personal call it tutorials, tutoring, assistance, coaching for GK building, check out more details in my info section here


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