AX 2014 Damage Report

Anime Expo 2014 is over now, some good and bad memories all together, I’ll go by order so if you want to skip that part you can just read the next point.

I did not attend AX on Day 0 or Day 1, so I’ll just start from day 2 and on.

Day 1 (Thursday Start)

Traveling to Los Angeles every year does take a toll on you at a certain point in time, I had made travel arrangements to drive up on Thursday so I can have an early start on Friday, unfortunately that’s where things started to go wrong, I don’t really know why the CBP always has to exaggerate the security at the border, I would get it if it was on the exact holiday, but a day before is ridicules and and cruel for the people trying to cross the border, I spent 3 hours under the scorching sun before I actually crossed the border to the US, I was dehydrated, hungry and angry all at the same time, so 3 hours to cross the border, plus another 2 and a half to arrive at Los Angeles, we checked into the hotel almost at 10:30 pm, since I didn’t eat, I started to get a migraine, we ordered some pizza and then tried to get some sleep, but the migraine didn’t stop…

Day 2 (AX day 1 for me)

When I woke up the next morning, I was nauseated, dizzy and started to vomit, I had fatigue, heat stroke and migraine from the day before, I couldn’t do anything but just stay at the hotel and sleep until I felt better… it was already 12 pm and I did wake up feeling less dizzy, still a little nauseated but decided to go to the con to register, we took the shuttle service that was available for attendees at the hotel, so I didn’t have to drive while feeling a little under the weather, when we arrived we saw the HUGE lines, like HUGE, LONG, and SLOW, all under the sun as AX didn’t bother to put canopies to shade the people outside in the 100 degree weather… I didn’t want to risk it again by going outside so my friend who was already registered told us to pre-register online while she was in line for us for pre-registration, she already had her badge so we stayed in and went online while we waited for her so we can take her place, that worked out pretty well, so once we got our badges we headed to the exhibit hall…. too many people… just too many, the con was overcrowded… and this was Friday, I had a feeling that Saturday was going to be worse, I heard people complaining a lot about having to stand 3 to 5 hours under the sun to get their badges, it was just horrible, I understood them very well as I had suffered the same fate the day before.
We didn’t do anything in particular, just walked around and saw what dealers had, nothing really interesting for me really… so once the exhibit hall closed, we just headed back to the hotel to rest for the next day.

Day 3 (Saturday)

Saturday was here, I woke up and immediately turned on my laptop and watched Sailor Moon Crystal! I didn’t want to see it at the con because I was sure that people around me would annoy the hell outta me with their screams, so after I saw it, we eat some breakfast and headed down to the con again, taking all my materials so I can be prepared for the panel later that day.
The first thing we did was make a line (by this point, people were calling AX the “line con”), we had to go and make a ridicules line OUTSIDE in the SUN, getting sunburn and dehydrated again just so we can get into the official Sailor Moon Panel… we did make it but the organization was none existent and AX staff were really rude, we managed to get a spot inside, I really didn’t know what the panel was going to be about but I did know that you would get a ticket to get an autograph, which was what my friend wanted, turned out that they just presented the new dub cast, showed the 2nd dubbed episode of SM (they had “technical issues” so they could only show that one) and they announced the new bluray box set… they were going to show the “premiere” of SM crystal but we skipped it to make another line to exchange the tickets for the autograph, which ended up in a waste of time thanks to an asshole from the AX staff that told us one thing and then it turned out to be wrong, I was really pissed because I had wasted 2 hours making a line for nothing… we decided to just go and rest at lounge 21 before my workshop panel, I took a nap and then we headed up for the room where I was suppose to give it, only to find out that they had changed the schedule and moved the room I was suppose to be in… after 10 minutes of trying to talk with the AX staff in charge of workshops, they finally took me to the place where they had moved my panel too…. just horrible organization overall, I couldn’t believe it, no notice, no nothing…

Fortunately, I was still on time to setup my laptop and getting everything ready. I wasn’t really expecting a lot of people but to my surprise… at least 100 people attended, I got really nervous and at times went blank even though I had read what I was going to say several times, I just froze and forgot to say many things 😦 but from what my boyfriend told me, people were interested in what I was saying, I just wish I would have not been that nervous… I’m usually a person that’s great at expressing an idea but I guess I do it better when it’s something pre-recorded… *sigh* I wanted to give a really cool and fun workshop but I feel that people though it was boring in the end 😦

The panel was recorded, so if you want to see my train wreck, here’s your chance, it’s being uploaded on my youtube channel as you read this, so you should be able to see it later tonight.

Day 4 (Sunday)

We slept in as the day before was very exhausting, we didn’t even go into the exhibit hall because of the amount of people thanks to the Kill la Kill special event, being Sailor Moon Day and also the premiere of SAO II which I wanted to see but I decided to just watch it at the hotel since it was already available for streaming. We arrived at the con for the last time, tried to walk around to see if we could buy something but there really wasn’t anything interesting to buy, plus my feet hurt like hell, it was extremely painful to stand still, I had to walk to bear it a little, about 2 hours into the walk we gave out and decided to say goodbye to AX…
So we left disappointed because we didn’t buy anything, frustrated at the way the con was handled by staff, the prices are so high for so many things, the amount of people walking all over and not being able to walk freely without receiving the stench of body odor from the person walking in front of you…

I wouldn’t say we had a bad experience, but this year it really made us think if we want to break the tradition and not attend AX for next year being that it’s going downhill and fast…

One thought on “AX 2014 Damage Report

  1. Sorry for you having a bad time at the con, all you went through is basically why I don’t go to AX, even though I live like 10 mins away from the convention center. Honestly theres nothing much extraordinary. Like nothing new. Like big announcements or surprises or exclusives, really exclusives! Like your Sonico! That’s more exclusive than anything worth purchasing at AX! Which still looking forward to your videos of your Sonico build. 🙂 But if anything, I would of just went to AX just to see your panel. 🙂 Hope you recover from all that you went through! 🙂

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