You will be missed…

I’ve only cried once for someone I never knew, for a lot of people, crying for a celebrity is something stupid? but unless the person had a big impact in their lives, it’s completely understandable.

The news today was filled with the breaking story that an Oscar winning actor dies of possible suicide… that actor was Robin Williams.

It’s true, I never knew him, nor met him or even remotely saw him up close in a crowd of fans, but he did make a positive impact in my life, whenever I was having problems and needed to escape reality, his movies were always there to make me forget with laughter, entertainment and joy. He was one of the few truly funny people I really loved and admired, really talented in all. I always supported his work, I just wish I would have had the chance to at least shake his hands once, but that will never happen anymore…

They say, the funniest people are the ones with the most problems…Mr. Williams, you will be missed, I’m not a religious person but I hope they greet you with many “nanu nanu’s” wherever you are now, and I wish to extend my most sincere and deepest condolences to your family.

May you rest in peace.


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