The blog post that E doesn’t want you to read.

It’s funny to see how tries to get more people to buy again from them via 3rd party reviews, about a month ago, I was contacted by them asking if I wanted to make a review for their gk products, either they didn’t know who I was or what, because they would have known that I had been purchasing from them since 2006 and been leaving downright honest feedback on each purchase.

Seems like they are contacting youtubers with channels on Anime figure reviews with a substantial amount of subscribers and asking them the same thing, review a figure from the store, obviously all these figure were prepainted, I’m guessing I was the only channel they found dedicated specifically to gk building.

Obviously these youtubers talked wonders and praised E for their quality (I think getting a figure for free also has to do with it).

They though I was going to do the same, though I initially told them that I would not be bias and review the figure exactly as I saw it, even before they sent me the figure and they said “of course, we want to hear the good and the bad”.

I have a feeling that they didn’t like I said on my video review and refused to publish it in their feature section because I didn’t praise them like the rest of the people, of course, reviewing a prepainted figure is not as complicated as reviewing something that you will eventually work on yourself, there are a lot more things to consider no just how “pretty” the paint job is.

Goes to show that they disregard anything that makes them look bad, which is lame coming from a company that “prides” themselves on providing “excellent” products for their customers and constantly asking for feedback to improve.

I really didn’t think they like what I’d had to say from the beginning, but even if they didn’t publish it, they forget that 3000 people will eventually watch that review.

I use to be their loyal customer, but their bad business moves, their huge language barrier with their customer service team, specially the treatment from the worst team member Kitchell, (I really don’t know why they decided to hire him back after he left); their declining quality and the high prices for shipping, the fact that I can never exchange my credit points for cash coupons because I never win at any of their raffles, it was just a matter of time before I found another store that gave me what I wanted.

This move of giving free prepainted figures and gk’s is proof that they are trying to boost sales because they’re losing customers, specially if it’s them that punish customers for asking full cash refunds and not cash coupons on their accounts due to not being satisfied with their products.

I don’t think they’ll go out of business any time soon, but it’s sure as hell that my only purchases from them are going to be commissions and maybe something that I won’t be able to find anywhere else, I already acquired 80% of the old figures I wanted, so the new ones that come out I can get someone else with better quality and price, not to mention real customer service that leaves you with a smile, of course, I’m talking about GK model.

So if you have a youtube channel and they offer to send you a gk for review, be sure to review things as they are, don’t just kiss their ass, because that’s what their looking for, enough people telling them that their products are not perfect or good and something is bound to change.

2 thoughts on “The blog post that E doesn’t want you to read.

  1. I’ll definitely keep my business at gk-model! I finally got to see my 2 kits from them, and the seem to be very great quality! :3

  2. In the end I got money back. But about 60$ less than I paid in first place.

    Also they’ve frozen my account (because I told them I don’t trust them anymore) and, what’s worst:
    They’ve said that Dark Angel Olivia I’ve got ( is acceptable cast basing on reviews (meaning I shouldn’t moan about it. FFS people, stop giving them 10/10 just because they’ve delivered your kit).

    Well, next week I should get my cast from, so we’ll see. I expect much better quality, as their support told me they wouldn’t send anyone cast like one I’ve got from E.

    And, oh yeah, for all the time I was talking with Kitchell. Susan always was helpful and kind, but Kitchell – WTF is he doing at customer support?

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