Sailor Moon Auctions!

Hi guys!

This is late but I’d figured that if you saw that I was selling something, you wouldn’t want to wait until the auction is near to the end, so I just wanted to let you moonies know that I have several auctions for the Sailor Moon compact gashapons, customized already by yours truly.

I’m auctioning 2 sets, one is being sold as a complete set of 5, the other set is being auctioned as individual compacts in case you just want 1 or 2.
Auctions end tomorrow at 1:30 PM PST, so in case you wanted to try your luck and bid to get any of these, here’s your chance! 😀


Link to the auctions can be found here

I also wanted to inform you guys that I will also be auctioning out this Awesome Usagi Tsukino figure, painted by me of course ^_^
Now, before you ask “WHEN?!!” and say “TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!” please note that she will be auctioned out at the end of this month! links will be posted on my facebook page, twitter, tumblr and here, so sign up for my newsletter so get your notification once she’s up for sale 😀

So mark your calenders!

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