#Dearme: A letter to my younger self

Dear me

1522272_10201361435504980_1986336716_nI know you feel lonely at school, even though nobody wants to talk to you and you feel that nobody wants to be your friend, let me tell you, the rest of your life will be very similar, but don’t feel bad, you do get to meet amazing people that will end up being very important in your life, you will be able to count them with your hands, but they will be enough to enrich your life.

You feel that the problems with your parents will never end, I know you want to run away, you don’t want to be afraid in your own house anymore, you want to go to those places where you feel safe, I want to tell you that life gets better, then worse then better again, there will be times when you will want to end it all, but please don’t do it, your life will be a roller coaster, the ride will be full of adrenaline, fear and excitement, but when it ends, you will look back and say “wow, that wasn’t so bad”. So please try to not get depressed and please try to not use rage and anger as a means to forget what happened.

You hate yourself because your weight is always in the way of your happiness, I want to tell you that it’s not you, it’s your hormones that cause your weight to fluctuate, you will have them still for the rest of your life, but please don’t let that control your every thought, you will eventually find a way to control your weight.

Remember that I told you that your life will be a roller coaster? All I can say is hold on tight! You will love someone so much that when that person leaves, you will be lost in your sadness, but don’t force yourself to be strong, you will have friends to help you find your way again, just let them in and put your pride aside, because they genuinely love you.

Don’t force yourself to hate your ex so it can be easier to forget the love you had for him, instead, make your peace with the situation, not being with him is not the end of your world, in fact, it’s the beginning of a new life you never imagined would exist.

You will go down a road of self-destruction, I wish I could tell you to not walk that path, but that same road will take you to the person that will save you from it, he will give you a hard time at first, but both of you will eventually find peace with your past and live a happy and fun life together,

The person who will share your life, will encourage you to do things you would not have the courage to do, you will travel to the place you dream about with him, you will have a successful business because you will discover the magic you can with your hands, you will be so excited about it that you will share it with the world, people will love what you do and they will follow you to see more, so don’t worry if don’t know what you want to study in college, don’t worry about the crappy jobs you’ll have, they will just help you get, to where I am today,  try to stay positive, your life becomes amazing and so will you.

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