Marmalade boy Little (spoiler alert)


While I was in the process of moving house, I started to rewatch Marmalade Boy, it was a series I didn’t see in the 90’s but more in the 2000’s, back then, there we’re a lot of things that were happening, so rewatching this series just made me nostalgic and transported me back to that era, now that I think about, I think I shouldn’t have started to watch it again because moving did hit me hard when I saw only furniture left in my apartment and no other belongings, I lived in that apartment for 10 years and I was leaving behind a lot of history so I got really emotional on the last night we slept in that place, anyways, setting aside the fact that it make me nostalgic, I really do love the series, both anime and manga, the difference with this one is that I had read the manga first and then saw the anime, normally it’s the other way around, so I really loved both versions, I’m up to episode 65 and still have about 17 left, all the feels come back, watching Miki and Yuu get together, then breaking up, then doing it like 3 more times in the series, seeing Ginta get together with Arimi, and Meiko even get married with Na-Chan (sorry, spoilers, it’s a series from back in the 90’s if you haven’t watched it yet, it’s your own fault xD ), I know how it ends, everybody has their happy ending, perfect….

Last night I found out that Wataru Yoshizumi started to make a SEQUEL!!! Marmalade Boy Little


When I saw that image, I though that those little brats were going to be Miki and Yuu’s children, well, turns out that they’re actually their new siblings, making a complicated family tree even more complicated -_-
The story apparently centers around this new generation, but 13 years after the original story happened, where both Hajime and Rikka have the same plot as the original story Miki and Yuu passed through, they’re not blood related, however Miki and Yuu are booth their half siblings


I was seriously let down by the fact that the new story was going to be more centered in these kids instead of centering more on the grown up life of all the main characters from the first series, from what I’ve read so far, Miki and Yuu live together but they’re not married, making me ask the the question of “why?” since in the first story, even after Yuu though that Miki was really his sister, he was still prepared to marry her even if it was not going to be well seen, but here, you get just glimpses to the lives of our original characters, which believe me, all those glimpses were delicious tiny morsels to feed desire to know more about what happened to them after “their happy ending” not only them, but the rest of the cast too, Arimi and Ginta do get married, but we’re told that they separated for 3 years because Ginta wanted to have kids but Arimi accepted a job offering where she needed to transfer to London since she wasn’t that much family oriented, her job was her priority and something she wanted, they didn’t break up, but their marriage was uncertain due to conflict of interest in the relationship, Meiko and Na-chan do have kid and he’s the same age as Rikka and Hajime (both 12 years old, however Rikka is older than Hajime by 7 months), so Aoi Namura is the new love interest in Rikka’s life (ugh… common Wataru Yoshizumi… really? -_- )

Yuu and Satoshi now have an architectural firm together and work a lot to the point where they don’t get to see their families a lot, Satoshi apparently met someone after he gave up on Meiko and now has a 2 year old girl, while we see Satoshi and Yuu talking about his baby, Satoshi is urging Yuu to get married with Miki, although they don’t really mind staying as a free union, but they start to get pressured to do it so that society can accept their relationship (typical Japan) they also don’t want to have kids mainly due to the fact that they’re parents had kids and pretty much raised their siblings to the point where they’re satisfied with their lived as childfree (for the time being), however, all their friends with kids are trying to convince them to have babies.

This is the story line that I’m eating all up, back when I read the manga, I was around their same age in the story, I was finishing high school and trying to find my way in the world along with the person that I was with back then, now that I’m in my 30’s and reading that THEY are now in their 30’s and having all these mature situations (work, relationships and kids) I can’t help but feel identified yet again with them, it’s the first time I’m personally reading a manga with the topics that are going on in my life, I personally don’t want children, I live the child free life, but I’ve also been scrutinized, judged and even pitied over not wanting them, people telling me that “I’ll change my mind” or even saying “your life will be sad” is very disrespectful and insulting, also not really being forced to marry, I also live with my life partner and we don’t feel the need to get married, although mentally we already are, but when I was still with my ex, my family would always ask “so when is the wedding?” I felt pressured back then, but thankfully, my family has now come to terms with how I want to live my life and have backed off from the kids and marriage topic.

To be honest, I’m skipping the parts of the siblings story line, it’s pretty much the same exact things, Hajime is in love with Rikka and since they’re not blood related, it could theoretically happen, Rikka has the hots for Aoi (Meiko and Na-chan’s kid) and it’s the same love triangle over and over, it’s too boring, plus the fact that for someone like me who is no longer in school, I don’t really have any interest in a shojo story, however, this particular manga is a mix of shojo and Josei, having both story lines showing the siblings lives and then showing glimpses of the original main character’s lives, personally, I wish the new manga was just about them, Wataru Yoshizumi should had though a little more and had her original audience in mind, just like what happened with Sailor Moon Crystal where the anime was now directed at the same audience now in their 30’s, this should have been a Josei Manga entirely and directed at her original audience from back then, Who doesn’t want to know more about the lives of these characters that stole our hearts? Who doesn’t want to see more mature situations when them at the center of it all?

Sigh…. well, the manga is still running, you can read the entire vol 1 here as well as part of vol 2 to where it’s up to date with the Japanese release, I’m not sure if it’s a biweekly or monthly chapter issue, but I will keep following hoping that I’ll get to see more of our original character’s lives 🙂

For now… I’m going to back to watching the last episode of the anime xD

One thought on “Marmalade boy Little (spoiler alert)

  1. With any luck you won’t scold me. >< Hahah, I watched the dub quite a long time ago, but I still remember it, and prefer the dub. I like being able to watch the animation without pesky subtitles in the way, and understanding the language is a huge plus~ I had no idea she was making a sequel of any kind. Happy to know that she did now~ When I have some time I should start reading it.
    Congrats on the move~ It sounds like everything went really well! YAY!~

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