Don’t download and repost!

This is something that’s already included in many of my watermarks in picture of figures I complete, mostly from 2 years to now, even though not all my photographs have this disclaimer, it’s in red bold letters at the end of my gallery page, I’ve gone on record stating that I do not appreciate people downloading and reuploading (reposting) on other sites such as: Instagram, Facebook, pinterest and now twitter.

I do appreciate people reblogging, resharing and retweeting from my official sources, it’s pretty simple, much simpler than downloading and taking your time to reupload them to another account, I’ve had this issue for the last 2 years now, the people that take my photographs without my permission and even altering them and cropping out my watermarks are those people from the Sailor Moon Fandom in particular. I get that Sailor Moon has a big fan base, I get that a lot of people like my work, I get that a a large portion of these people are sailor moon fans, but there’s a limit to what’s acceptable in a fandom, this includes going against the wishes of the artist you say you’re a fan of.

I’ve been wanting to get this off my chest for quite some time now, the people that I’ve had the worst time interacting with (for these situations) have been SM fanatics, manly women. When I first started to see my work being reuploaded on facebook by fan pages, I was kinda flattered, but later I noticed that since they never referenced my website or fan page, all those page likes, shares and comments were for the person uploading that photo and not for the artist at all, at that point I did get frustrated and upset, because here were these fan pages and instagram accounts getting more popular because they upload my photos to their pages, while the traffic to my site was almost null, so I started to ask these people to take my images down because they did not provide a source nor did they asked permission to take my photos, one of these pages even plastered their logo on MY photos, that made me extremely angry prompting me to make a video about it, the replies I got from these people were that “they found it on google and that they didn’t know who it was from and that it was free to anyone on the web”, wrong, wrong WRONG! ALL my photos have a watermark, those images on google image search have a source, and no, you cannot take anything from the web and claim it yours, everything has an owner. I did not like the entitlement that these people felt, many of them blocked me, insulted me, disrespected me and even made fun of me for telling them to take my images down, that’s when I realized the extend to rotten that this particular fandom has, here you are “admiring” a figure an artist painted and when the artist contacts you to tell you to take down that which you took without permission, you go ahead and tell them to fuck off, heartwarming isn’t it? With fans like these, who needs enemies?

Almost all the people that I’ve encountered doing the same thing and asking the same have this attitude, it makes me laugh when I see these people in facebook group communities (I’m a member of several of them) saying that “sailor moon taught them love and friendship”, apparently SM didn’t teach them to respect other people’s work and to be an asshole and a bitch when it comes to following the wishes of someone they “admire” for their work, being my photos or fan art which has a bigger problem with people taking the images and not even taking the time to properly credit the artist.

From what you can observe, the sailor moon fandom has left me with a very bitter taste in mouth, there’s a very thin line between a fan and a fanatic,  I’m a fan, I don’t obsessed over it, however fanatics are the worst type of people, many of them are rotten to the core.

With this, I want to clarify that not all the people that follow me or that I’ve had contacted before are like this, there are many sailor moon fans that follow me and respect my wishes and even help me by sharing and reblogging my work, to those of you who really are my fans, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you’re the exception in this fandom.

Where am I going with this?

I’ve been finding more and more of my pictures on many sites being uploaded by a lot of people, mainly Sailor Moon finished works, and I’ve been getting more and more exhausted messaging these them and arguing over why I don’t want my photos on their accounts and profiles, there was even an instagram [crazy] girl that uploaded and modified the pictures of one my works and I told her to take it down or I will have to report it, she went all nuts, called me a bully and even accused me of trying to hack her account, she sent out a mob of crazy followers to my fan page and spam it with troll comments, that’s how messed up this community can get…

My point with all of this is that I’m tired of dealing with these people and decided that from now on, I will contact Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites directly to file a copyright take down notice, all of these people never read the TOS (terms of service) on any of these social media sites, one thing they need to follow is the  DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, where it states that you cannot upload media for which you’re not the original author of, by doing so, you violate their TOS and you can easily get your account banned or suspended. So you can see, because of these awful encounters, I’ve taken the following decision:

For those of you who have taken my photos without my permission and uploaded them to your accounts on facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc, I will find out sooner or later, when I do, I will file a copyright claim against you and you will be at risk of losing your account for it. I’m done with being the nice girl here, if you want to call me a bully, do it after you read the whole DMCA document, if you think I’m harassing you, you better  get your facts straight, because artists have the right to have their works and in my case, my photographs taken down from sites I don’t approve of.

My photographs are my portfolio, many of the people that take them don’t think about what their doing, I do this for a living, and my photos are the showcase of my skills and style as a professional GK builder, for every photo posted somewhere else, the chances of a person interested in my work finding my page is almost null, that’s money that I’m losing because of these people, in order for me to get exposure I use social media as a medium to show my work to attract more customers, this is why it’s so important to respect my wishes and those of any other artist that ask you to not reupload to other sites, this is not bullying or harassment, this is our work portfolio.

So please don’t repost, reupload or even think of being an asshole to the artist that’s contacting you for a take down notice, the one that looks bad is you, not us.

If you find my photos on the web and they are not uploaded by me aka Leona Senshi or Leona’s Workshop, please report it to me via contact form so I can take the appropriate actions against this person or people and take it down.

Thank you for reading until the very end, I know I tend to rant at times when I post on my blog, but it’s something I need to do to get a message across.

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