It’s a very strong word for me, I don’t call anybody “friend” so casually.

I’ve always had very few friends in my life, many have come and gone, forgotten in time, others stay and become part of my family, however when people want to be your friends, all they have to do is be there for you, talk to you, share their life with you and genuinely care for you and most important of all, accepting who you are. At least that’s my definition of true friendship.

Sadly there are people in this world who think that as long as they buy you stuff and do favors for you, that you’re automatically their friend, and that’s what happened recently with someone I knew, this person from day one wanted to get me many things without me asking, I would always be very grateful when receiving something or be helped, however I had this cringing feeling that they wanted something in return, but I gave this person the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately my feelings were confirmed when they started to demand I keep being their friend because they “did this, gave me that, and said this”, a true friend doesn’t demand anything of you, doesn’t guilt trip you into anything either, this person was under the assumption that as long as they did this, that they would be “on my good side” and hence call themselves my friend.

I’m sorry it had to end, but the thing that I dislike the most is having someone come back to me and claim all the things they did for me just to keep being “friends”, I have so little of them, and all I desire is to have authentic ones.

So yes, live long and prosper as you said, all the best to you.

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