Commission information for 2017 & group orders

Hello everyone!

I wanted to let people know that commissions for this year remain closed, however, commissions for 2017 are open but are going to be very limited in comparison to previews years.

I’m changing the way I accept orders as well, so if you ask for a quote, there might the possibility that I not be able to take in your commission as this will depend on my availability for next year, I have several projects I will be working on, so it will all depend on timing.

I’m also going to start doing group orders, group orders will be for a specific figure, it can be suggested via my facebook page or you can contact me through my website and provide a picture of the figure you would like people to vote on.
They will be produced in limited quantities though, not exactly mass produced, this is because each figure receives the same care and detailed quality I provide to my regular commissions unlike other companies that paint dozens at a time with little to no shadings and details.

Right now the figure that I get requested to paint a lot is the Usagi and Mamoru Dancing Masquerade pair, this might be the first figure for 2017’s group order, so if you are interested in ordering a copy, please click here to read the early details for the project and if you are interested, there will be an order form you will be able to fill out.

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