E2046 situation update

Most of you may know that last year there was a less than desirable event that happened between me and e2046.

I’m a person that likes to point out the good the bad and the ugly on everything, including store and product reviews, so there was for the most part a poor communication between this store and me, my frustration was very high, specially when my account was frozen due to less than valid reasons.

But I’m not a person to hold a grudge (for too long lol) and things have actually taken a turn for the better.
E2046 has been producing a several ori characters that quite frankly, have been on my “I wish they had made a kit of this character” list for a long time now, so I though to myself, “well, this is awkward”. It had been a year since this ordeal, so I though I browse the interwebs to see how the company had taken my video, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the negative things I had pointed out had been worked on and are now being addressed, which is great, it had to take someone with a voice to have this company hear the general complains from a whole community, and it worked for the most part.

I have been reading good things about other people that continued to purchase from them even after the video went up and most of them report that a lot of things have changed, both in their products and in their service. So I was at this point thinking of getting in contact with them and see if things could be worked out, and to basically make peace.

So we started to talk, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Fung once again and we began to clear up all of our concerns, on both sides, so I understand them a bit more as a company and they understand me more as a long time customer, mistakes were made on their part, but they have basically gone back and corrected them.

My account has been re-instated and I’m happy to say that I’ll will be more in touch with them so they can keep improving on their products and service, like a consultant, this is a pretty big thing to be honest, to be able to be the voice of a community is something I take seriously, and it makes me happy that I’ll be able to come to them directly when something I see needs attention.

I’m a person that can recognize when someone accepts that they messed up and want a clean slate to start over again, even if that someone is a company like e2046, it speaks volumes of them.

It great that I can help have an impact like this in the hobby, it means that I’m doing something right and people are willing to listen to me.

I’m glad this whole situation has come to it’s end, now I can concentrate on the positive things coming this way ☺

One thought on “E2046 situation update

  1. That’s exciting! Congratulations.

    It might already be on your agenda, and not to get ahead of ourselves, but– is there any way you could bring up the pre-order issue with them in the future? By pre-order issue I mean “pre-purchasing a figure with your money in limbo for 8+ months with 0 updates or ETA.” I’ve heard some people have waited over a year and a half before cancelling. I get why it’s like this but it’s still unreasonable.

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