Dreams can come true?

Today … is a day to remember in history… as the day I had direct contact with a sculptor in all my years in this hobby!  happiness crazy rabbit

I really wanted this  Sonico and I have to confess, I got depressed because I knew that it was impossible to get her since she was an event only figure, even though E has her as coming soon, when I saw Ponnie’s parts pictures and decals, I knew that a cast from E will not be compared to the original mainly because of the decals and the decals are what make this kit so attractive!

So I set off into a desperate search to find the sculptor’s page (if it even existed) and after several hours of searching I was about to give up, until… I actually found his blog page! I was looking for an email but didn’t find one, so I decided to leave a comment on one of his blog posts, since I know for a fact that Japanese are not like the rest of the world that understand English, so I wrote the message in Japanese, very simple phrases so that the translator can get an accurate translation, in short, I just asked if they still had any copies left. a few days later I received an email from the actual sculptor, in English! he told me that he didn’t have any more kits and wasn’t sure when he would make more, I replied and said it was ok if he put in his waiting list for the future because I thought his work was really beautiful. apparently I flattered him so much that he replied back the next day and said that he will make a new copy for me…. I could not believe it! I felt this overwhelming joy 

When I told a couple of gk buddies they all were like “dude… you just described the dream of many if not all of us!”

While we were exchanging emails on how to make payments and all, he mentioned that “this was kit and was not painted”, I’m guessing that a lot of people don’t know about GK’s or that’s what he though, so I just told him that it was ok, that I painted kits, I didn’t really share my information with him until a week later when he asked for payment and shipping address, that’s when I told him that I was very excited to get Sonico and it was at that point that I shared my website and invited him to view my gallery (mainly so that he confirm that I indeed painted kits lol)

He intermediately replied back and this is what he said:


I almost cried when I read this message… just a few days ago I got into several arguments with people who were attacking me just because I pointed out a discrepancy in a GK contest I had participated in, it left me with a very bitter taste in my mouth (and still is because I have not received a single apology from these people), when I saw what this person wrote, all that frustration and anger just disappeared and got replaced by a great joy and happiness! A Japanese sculptor, one of many whom I admire and respect so much, was here admiring and complementing MY work saying that I was better than most Japanese modelers  and even him, he even asked me for pictures of Sonico once she is completed so he can publish it on his website!boohoo crazy rabbit

I was speechless…. :what:

Fuck that contest and all these people who just badgered me! being recognized like this by someone like him, is 1000 times better than winning a contest!

I slept with a smile on my face since then, it’s such an honor to talk with a Japanese sculptor, and even bigger honor (and luck) that this person made an exception and casted a new copy just for me…

Sonico Arrived last Thursday, but I was only able to cross the border yesterday and pick her up at my po box, mainly because our car broke down and needed a new engine ._. it had to be left 2 weeks in the shop….

But even though my wallet was crying, my hear rejoiced when I saw this…

Just… just… I’m speechless T-T… here is a figure I thought I would never hold in my hands…

Just look at those beautiful gold decals! they shine! love you crazy rabbit

even her headphones were delicately packed!  ♥

She’s bigger than I expected!

My precious!!! love food crazy rabbit

All I can say is that I can’t wait to paint her and display her in my collection! this is a one of a kind even that rarely happens to someone, so I have to paint her as soon as possible! 😀

7 thoughts on “Dreams can come true?

  1. WOW! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO lucky to have a sculptor make a exception for you while they can’t due to certain rights and such. I guess he must of got a good feeling when he read your messages, like how when I see your videos and work. I wish that would happen to me because I have several kits that I’m looking for my collection too. And I see that you got the same feeling that I get when ever I get certain kits that I know my odds are VERY, VERY, VERY slim to none to get. Its brings such a joy and appreciation towards the kit and sculptor knowing that theres a small quantity of them and yet you hold one in your hands. That’s what I feel though, not sure about you. But your story adds more value to your kit. I say you should do progress videos of you building her as I would enjoy seeing and others too I assume, and the sculptor too!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Indeed, it’s the same exact feeling T-T

      I do plan on filming the whole process, my Japanese is a little rusty but my plan is to film the whole thing in Japanese with english subs 😀 because I really want to show him how I build my kits and have him tell other sculptors in Japan that they have lots of fans around the world, not just in Japan 😀

      • Oh you know Japanese too!? Oh my respect and envy for you has grown much higher knowing that now! I wish I knew how to speak Japanese, I only know a few words. Now I’m more interested in seeing your videos of her build now knowing the story of it. I look forward towards them! Hopefully soon. lol! 🙂

  2. That is so awesome. You deserve it after all the hard work you put in. You should totally ignore those people who never apologized for being rude, they are not worth your time! I’m looking forward to getting back to the hobby as soon as my baby is born. 🙂 And I look forward to your complete Sonico!

  3. Oh wow!! To be complemented in such a way just proves what we already know about your work – that it is brilliant!!! My dream is to one day be able to buy a piece of yours because I LOVE it so much. Well done!!!

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