Payment information:

  • Payment will be 50% non refundable deposit to be placed on a slot,
    The remaining 50% will be charged once the kit is completed and ready to be shipped to you, I do NOT hold slots unless a deposit is confirmed.
  • All payments are via Paypal only and you  need to pay for paypal fees.
  • Deposit payment must be completed within 7 days, if no payment is received, the commission request will be canceled and I will refrain from accepting any more requests from the person asking due to lack of commitment. If you’re not 100% sure you will take the slot, please don’t waste mine or your time.


  • Shipping fees are calculated ONLY after the figure has been completed and packed in the box to be sent back to you.
  • I will not be responsible for any customs charges you might incur when receiving your package (for international customers).

Painting process

  • Updates on the figure will be sent in emails and also posted on this website and/or Facebook page.
  • Occasionally I will film the painting process of a figure, if you wish to have your kit’s WIP filmed, I can do it upon request.


An example of how I provide quote rates vary, this has to do with the scale and also difficulty of the kit. This means that not all same scale kits will have the same cost due to it’s complexity.

Here is a list of my basic price approximation based on scale, they do not include the actual price of the kit, if you don’t have the figure and request to have it purchased, the price of the kit will be added to your quote, it does however include a basic wooden base in the case that the figure does not have a base of it’s own which is in most cases.

Scale Price
1/8 $200USD
1/7 $250 USD
1/6 $300 USD
1/5 and higher $400 + USD

The quote provided to you is NOT negotiable, please do not ask for discounts.

*By accepting to commission your figure to me, you are acknowledging that all photographs of the work in progress and finished figure are property of Leona’s Workshop, they can and will be used to show in my portfolio, enter contests (with prior notification) and website promotion.


Can you sculpt my character?
A: Sorry,  I’m not a sculptor.

 Do you take international commissions?
A: Yes I do!

 Do you paint any type of figures including Nude and explicit ones?
A: Yes, I paint any type of figure no matter the type of character, pose or nature.

 Is there something you WONT paint?
A: Yes, I do not paint or build any mechas, gundams or gunpla, western sculptures, any monsters (Aliens, Predator, etc), military figures, miniatures, I also don’t repaint PVC figures, nendroids or figmas, I do however repaint RESIN Figures.

 How much do you charge for a “X” character?
If you wish to get a quote for a figure, I will need to be more specific, not just “a character” for example. I can’t really give you a quote unless I see a picture of the figure (not a screen shot from the anime) you want, from there, the prices range depending on the scale, total parts and complexity, so please have a specific figure in mind with a link or a picture ready for me to be able to give you a correct estimate


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