This website is dedicated to my work in hobby kit building and also home to my blog, I do update from time to time, if you like the site go ahead and subscribe, you will receive updates on my work and blog, trust me it won’t spam your email.

I started painting GK in 2006 now with almost 7 years of experience even to this day I still believe I need to improve my work, I’m kinda of like the Ryu from street fighter version of GK builders (for those of you that know the story, you might find that amusing). But before my GK years I worked with Ceramic from when I was 10 or 11 up to when I was 16, so I had my basics in painting from before but only with the brush, slowly but gradually my work has improved from my first GK to my last one (you can see that improvement in my gallery comparing my SM kit to my last work).

I use to collect a lot of PVC figures, until I stumbled on the GK world, then all of the sudden I found myself selling my PVC’s to get new gk’s, it was very tedious to be at the beginning, but I have developed a love for my work and enjoy every minute of it, I find it very rewarding to hold each piece of resin and give it life with every paint spray or brush stroke, I truly have developed a love for this hobby.

What you can find here are works in progress and past WIPS, a full gallery of my work and if you are interested in having a commission painted, please go ahead and visit the commission page for all the information you want to know, fell free to roam around and don’t be shy and leave a comment.


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