1/6 Arshes Nei

Name: Arshes Nei
Series: Bastard!!!
Scale: 1/6
E2046 Recast
Work type: Commission.

The time has come again to post a new commission page 😀 !!


This time I will be working on a very interesting, delicate and complicated kit @_@ she has a Sh*t load of parts XD but I’m up for the new challenge! I just started removing all the flash from the pieces, next phase would be to sand off what’s left of seam lines and what was left from the flash that I was not able to get off with the exacto knife.

I have several complaints about the cast, mostly it’s because of the cape, it seems like the person that took the piece from the mold left a lot of finger prints and crap behind, so I will have to take more hours in sanding, puttying and polishing ¬¬ 

The hair has a lot of ugly flash that will have to be sanded off and puttied. >_<

Also there are some parts like the panties that are really crooked D: I will have to bring them out to my boiling method to straighten them out to fit correctly >_> (that’s why this kit is going to be a challenge, there are a lot of pieces like these ones)

I needed to start pinning her but, my dremel’s battery ran out >_> had to leave it charging  for the rest of the afternoon, I’ll continue working on her this week, hopefully I’ll be able to finish just sanding  all the parts.

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