1/6 Poison * Complete

So I will be posting now the WIP from Poison, now since she was a contest entry, the rules said that I could not post her online until after the polling ended, so here we are πŸ™‚

This will be a longish WIP as it only has 1 page, but I hope it will be fun for you as it was for me XD

We start with the prep stage, here I was just filling up some gaps and putting some areas, the hair in particular was a nightmare from the start, some parts had little broken pieces and some areas were filled so that it wouldn’t look so dent like area where her fingers touch her waist.

Sorry for the dark pictures, I some times am a creature of the night while working πŸ˜›

After the pieces were primed, I added a base coat of white so that the skin tone can look better.

Now time for some pre shading πŸ™‚

Now time for the finishing shading

To make the red shoes my bf wanted I needed give them a little metalish look by painting a black base coat, then chrome and then transparent red.

And to finish it of with a black trim πŸ™‚

This was the tricky part, this little piece of the shirt needed to be glued once the skin tone was painted, so I had to pretty much mask everything to work on it.

Time to finish off with the little shorts, I wanted to make them look as real as possible, so first I painted a base coat, then added shades and after that I dried brush a little white mixed with just a drop of blue to give the “worn out look” and then added transparent blue to finish the effect.

The final touch: Her face πŸ™‚

and there you go, hope you enjoyed my “little wip” πŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “1/6 Poison * Complete

  1. Thanks Seraph! πŸ˜€ yeah I was scared too, I thought of doing it the way someone in the forum did with some denim jeans on Rider, but since they were only skimpy shorts, it didn’t work, so I just experimented LOL after I saw the ending result I knew I’d learned a new way to paint denim XD

    I might just do that! all I need is a tripod for my camera so I can paint and record at the same time for my next denim jeans πŸ˜€

  2. I totally voted 1st place for you, I hope you win! She looks really beautiful and those denim shorts look damn amazing woman! I’ve been fearing denim on resin, but I really like the way yours came out, I wish I could watch you paint them XD

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