1/8 Sailor Saturn P.1

This little one is on my lap at the moment but once she is finished she’ll hopefully have a new home.



A part of the skirt broke off when I removed the tab :/DSCN2183 DSCN2184

The scepter also broke when I was sanding it, but luckily I was able to fix it with no problem DSCN2185


DSCN2188 DSCN2192

Big gap in her hairDSCN2193 DSCN2194



DSCN2197 DSCN2199 DSCN2200

The skirt gave me lots of peoblems, but after several tries I was finally able to fix the gaps on it.


Parts were cleaned after I did some putty work 🙂DSCN2219



Time for some color! skin tone looking pretty 🙂  DSCN2460

Added some shadows, but I will still need to add some pastel shadings to mark some places even more 🙂DSCN2466

Base was gray as I wanted a dark color for the boots and the skirtDSCN2467 DSCN2470 DSCN2471 DSCN2473 DSCN2474 DSCN2475 DSCN2476

I had added some matte varnish to the pearl white but I didn’t like it, I’ll have change the finish to a more satin look instead of matte.DSCN2477


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