Aoi Sakuraba P.2

After prep was done, I started to paint almost all of the parts, I do have something special planed for her kimono, there was an illustration I remebered that I loved which is this one:

I’m planning on painting her kimono very similar to this design, I will add some butterflies instead of flowers, never really liked the flower pattern on this illustration, but always loved the color.

This is just the base color, she needs shadows and also add the patterns that I want.

I decided to experiment with a different skin tone color technique, this one is just made out of clear colors, I liked the result so far.

First I started with a white base… 
Then I began to add several layers of transparent orange, clear and a couple of drops of florescent pink.

Added more layers to define shadings.

And Finally I added clear red, Like I said, so far I like the tone it gave her.

So far I think this will be the fastest project I’ll be painting, she is really easy to paint.

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