Arshes Nei P.5

Another week, another update, she’s almost finished, though I did have some problems attaching her thong, the pieces were so thin that I had to be uber mega careful not to brake them and also it was very hard for them to keep together, but I think it turned out good at the end.

My customer wanted a ruby red inside the cape to contrast with the rest of the ivory color she had, so her wish was my command. 🙂

The boots were also finished, had a fun time painting the red lol.

had to do some touch ups on little corners, with that it was ready to go.

Also had a  lot of fun painting the trims on her cloths 😀

 This is the part I mentioned that was really hard to put together… I also had to make sure not to harm the already finished skin tone >.<

The hands were really tedious, but it was worth it at the end.

Arms are also done!

I had the opportunity of working with Alclad II chrome paint, I loved it!!!

And she’s been partially assembled, this is how she looks so far 😀

I’m so excited!! she’s almost done 😀

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