Sailor Cosmos Part 2

New advancement on Sailor Cosmos, I’m happy to say that she is done!

After 4 months of work, she’s finally here, if it wasn’t for this figure back in 2009 I would have not returned to painting gk’s since I had stopped doing them a year before.
I also didn’t want to paint her just yet as I wanted to have the sufficient skills to be able to paint her as she deserved to be painted.

Pictures will be up later tonight đŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Sailor Cosmos Part 2

  1. No se cuantas veces habrĂ© visto tus vĂ­deos ya… x). Como ya te dije es una inspiraciĂ³n para mi. Me gustarĂ­a saber, si tu lo sabes, cual seria la correspondencia de los tonos de piel que usas en esta Sailor Moon (Mr. Color 111 y 112) para poder hacerlos con las acrĂ­licas de Tamiya. Un abrazo.

    • mmm es que no hay equivalnte exacto, tendrias que usar una de las recetas para tonos de piel, yo diria que usaras el “warm pink” y juegues un poquito con ella, es lo que mas se acerca al tono de mr. hobby đŸ™‚

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