SD Sailor Scouts P.3

Time for a new update 🙂

So I’m almost done with my little sailors, well actually… they are done, but I have a special project for the base

I wanted to five a little representation of the “silver millennium theme” to them so I decided to make some pillars as their own little bases.

Taking some real roman pillar examples, I managed to make them up until now how I actually wanted them.



so these are my basic materials I used to make them:

A wooden base, 5 pvc tubes (cut) and some little wooden circular and rectangle shapes.


This would be the beginning idea of what I wanted them to look like:


So since I needed a lot of putty or material to sculpt I though I’d give this a try, it’s a paper mache base “clay”, you just add water and done, it gave the texture I wanted for “stone like” effect just perfect 😉


Cooking time XD





So the base is only HALF done… yes I still got more to do XD

Hopefully my next update will be the finishing touches to this little baby

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