SD Sailor Scouts

 Well this was going to be my Diorama entry for a contest but I don’t think I will be finishing them before the deadline so I’m just gonna post them here now 😀

This is going to be a tribute to Sailor Moon as this year marks the 20th Anniversary of SM and also it’s the year of the Rabbit… plus Naoko is Re-Releasing the manga in the English version so… oh! and also… Sailor Moon was the first ever anime I really watched and launched me into the fandom so…. LOL too many reasons XD

So enjoy the almost 3 months of work so far… 🙂

By the way.. these are ORIGINAL casts, you’d be surprised that even original casts some times can have a very very bad casting :S so just an FYI… here are some pics to show you that

as you can see, a lot of sanding and putting is needed to fix all this :S

So…. now this is the part where everything goes wrong….
By this time around I had ran out of tamiya fine primer, of goes me to my hobby store to buy more supplies, but Oh! surprise!… all out… for like… for ever… >_>
So now off I go and try to find a new primer that can substitute my favorite primer, and bought one that many recommended me which was the rustoleum brand… and I hate it… it was really thick… I ended up with this:

Now the only good thing about this is that it showed a clear view of …. air bubble HELL D:
my last of my tamiya primer was used on Mars and also…. showed me more surprises…
So here I had to go with round 2 of putting… not before I had to strip off all the thick primer from all my pieces… my hands ended up very very damaged and also injured because I used thinner but apparently it was very strong and it went through my gloves 😦 so my hands were burning horribly…

to another surprise… the thinner also took away my initial putting… so now it’s putting from 0 again and back to the drawing board with the primer…
I went to a local craft store and bought one … but oh… yes… even MORE surprises D:<

This primer was all clumpy and it was horrible…. worst primer i had ever used…. but I was not going to do the whole striping and re putting again for the 3rd time… so unfortunately I made the decision to leave it this way… going against my own quality policy but I had already worked 1 months by now and I was getting pissed.. if I did it again then I would have dropped the project D:<

So now off I go with the first base coat and initial masking.After that it’s now painting from the inside out, I start out with the white, I decided to do a pearl finish on the white with blue shadings

Now to start masking from the inside out lol…

Off to start the preshading 😀

Off to skin tone.

More masking … I got lazy at this point so I finished off small places with liquid masking

So now off with the first color, I used all colors to do it faster on each figure while using one same color.

more masking….

And more shading on usagi and minako for now…

After this I decided to do all their tiaras the same

And that’s it for now, next update will have more fewer pics XD

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