Name: Violet
Original Sculpture by nemo~h
Type: Commission

This is a new commission that I have been working on for the past 3 months just in prep work, she is a new character for a new game that it’s in development, the artist has entrusted me with making her look very presentable ^_^ 

As this is an original sculpt, there were a lot of work to be done on her since a lot of places had uneven spots, finger prints and also needed some resculpting specially in the eyes.

You can better see the details in the following pics, she had already come semi painted but she needed to have the paint stripped so she can be worked on.


 Part of the bow was broken, will need to remake it.

The neck of the jacket needs to have a little filling so that it can fit correctly to the jacket.

And the bangs of the hair were broken in 2 so, that needs to be restored.

After analyzing all the pieces, work needed to be done and lots of patiences needed to gained lol.

took 3 days to strip away 90% of the paint, the rest just didn’t want to strip but that was no problem in the end.



Both arms needed guide pins so that they can correctly  fit to the torso.

After the guides were made, now I had to putty both arms so that the gaps can be eliminated.

The broken hair was repaired.


At this point I was almost finished with the prepping, after much putting and sanding then putting again and then sanding like 4 or 5 times lol trying to get the uneven spots to be the most even, finally she was coming up really great.

So Now I was able to coat the last primer on her, now she can start being painted!

And she’s now ready to be painted on !!!  ^_^

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