1/6 Aoi Sakuraba

Series: Ayori Aoshi
Scale: 1/6, 15 cm tall
Time of completion: 1.5 Months
Type: Personal project





6 thoughts on “1/6 Aoi Sakuraba

  1. Hi can I ask what you used to shade this. There are parts that are almost pure black so I assume it wasn’t a wash maybe army painter quickshade as I’ve seen a simialr effect from it.

    I’m just curious.

  2. Try to coat a layer of Tamiya gloss above the paint, let is dry and after it spray a Testors. Tamiya is not a fried of laquer varnishes but if use if accurately (from airbrush) it is cool

    Or let Tamiya dry some days and use a Future – for you it is not should be a problem

    • I actually did use matte varnish but the problem was that since it was a new skin tone technique that I used I had to use clear paints, they are glossy by default so when I tried to dull the gloss down it didn’t do much to it :/

      It was actually an experiment that I tried out, it came up ok, but that was the only flaw it had… the glossiness.

      Lesson learned LOL XD

      • Try to user Mr. Clear Flat from Gunze (in aerosol spray can) of Testos Dull Cote – these are best matt varnish I use

        • I do have both but the problem is that i use tamiya acrylics and I stopped using both sprays since they ate the paint :/ so unfortunately it’s not an option for me, even addin very light sprays it would eta off the paint or making run after a week of letting the paint dry

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