Cabal Online Blader VS Force Shielder

I don’t usually explain a lot when I create a new gallery for a figure I complete, but this one I feel the need to give out a little introduction to it.

I started playing this online mmo 5 years ago, for that I have to thank a friend of mine that actually introduced me to mmo’s goes by the name Bigtor Pehrrez 😛

I had many experiences in game with other players, many were fun times but others were full of drama as I was the guild master of growing clan back then, I befriended several people that I gave special privileges including guild sub admins, long story short, there were a lot of problems in real life with these people that I decided to stop playing for a while, then came back and so on and so forth.

2 years ago the idea came to me of making a bash or mod of a figure to convert it into the character I so loved from the game that has always been my preferred class as well as the suit she wore , you can actually read about it in this blog post from that time. E2046 had sculpted one of the character classes from Cabal, obviously not saying from what game it belonged too and naming it “Zabrina”, my idea of the blader came when I saw the force shielder and since then, this idea has been in my mind.

A year ago I decided to finally make the project a reality, I got so obsessed with it that at times I wasn’t even able to sleep at nights thinking on how I would modify that dark elf  into this character, I also wanted it to participate in E2046’s  yearly contest as a diorama entry, so with all my energies, I made this project a reality and now I’m very satisfied with how it come out.
The figure I used as a base for the Blader was E2046’s Dark Elf Combat, both figures were the same scale for my greatest of luck, I received her in January but I was expecting her in December, leaving me with less time to work on her, but against all odds, I finished them just 1 day before the deadline!

By the way, if you wanna support my Diorama at the contest, you can find the link here, voting ends Jun 14 😀

Game: Cabal Online (NA Servers)
Characters: Blader, Force Shielder
Scene: PK at Cemetery in Undead Ground
Work time: 370 hours in  4 months.

The story:

In the world of Nevareth where warriors and fighters dominate the land, trust is of utmost importance if you want to keep your allies…
When that trust is forsaken, revenge is a dish best served cold. For one dual handed Blader, this was her new motive.

Her guild…disbanded, alone and betrayed by her 2 high ranking officers, she decided to take matters in to her own hands and point her swords to these 2 soldiers.
She had been hunting them for so long, she managed to kill one of her officers, but the other one eluded her for a long time, until finally, she caught up with her, the blue haired Force Shielder, alone in the land of Undead Ground, there visiting the grave of her parter… It was her time to join him on his tomb.

19 thoughts on “Cabal Online Blader VS Force Shielder

  1. look like u worked really hard

    but i would appreciate more if u can make a wa vs bl (male) scene

    or wiz vs fa male

    that would look cool

    and good luck with ur career

    • mmmmm yes I worked really hard on my project.

      But I don’t do requests or orders like you wrote down 🙂

      This was a 1 time thing only, if you want to see something like that then I would need to charge you 😉

  2. that is too freaking cool! when i first started looking at it it looked like a gk from e2046. I read your blog and saw you modified and revamped it fantastic i love it!

  3. You did a great job! Hats off to you! It’s a good thing a friend of mine is a toy collector and linked this on our guild page on FB or else I wouldn’t have seen it. I love the game and I love your diorama even more. Hope you can create more Cabal characters in the future…too bad it’s too late for me to vote I would have asked all my guildmates and friends to vote for you.

    • Thank you!
      I think I will create some more but still not sure when or which class ^^;
      Thank you for the support as well, I hope my entry wins some sort of recognition at the contest, I know everybody there was puzzled at it because they didn’t know what game they were from, much less understanding the scene of the snow and the pumpkins lol, but hopefully they’ll see the craftsmanship behind my work 🙂

    • LOL yeah I was torn on whether to make a cap vs proc scene but I didn’t know if the FS’s battle outfit was different from the osmium one in regards to design, maybe next time 😀

      There are some figures I could use a base to convert into a FB and also FA I’ll probably make some in the future if I don’t get too lazy, it took me 2 years to come with these 2 XD

  4. As the dead officer, I must say this is fantastic work! I guess it’s poetic justice that I’m dead 😦

    • LOL!!!!! OMG I never though you actually see that XD much less identify the name on the tombstone, but hey, good times right ? XD nice to know ur still interested in the game 😉
      you should be flattered, out of all the people I chose to kill, it was you, u have been immortalized in a figure diorama, we had a great run you and I 😀

  5. That was….THAT was…. THAT WAS…. AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nice work dude 🙂 i want it one 😦 where i can buy it ?

  6. wow my friend rafa linked this on our guild page on fb o_o so i checked thinking its pretty much sum game vid but this dang is an epic piece of work ! gl and keep it up 🙂

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