1/6 Velvet

Series: Odin Sphere [Video game]
Scale size: 26 cm
Painted with acrylics and enamels
Time of completion: 4.5 Months
Type: Commission

When I received this kit it had horrible gaps and fitting issues nearly on all the parts, it took me longer than expected to finish her because it took me several tries to warp the resin and make the parts fit, not to mention a lot of putty work, my customer also requested I make 2 bases for her, one was the original base she comes with, but he requested to modify it to look like the yellow brick road on the Wizard of oz, the second base was going to be based off a scene from the game called “Wheel of Fate: True Path End” which can be seen here:

I took many of the elements from this scene and incorporate them into the base, this being the treasure chest and all the coins around her, I was also requested to make some changes to the color palette, changing the color of the shoes to make them look like Dorothy’s Ruby Sleepers and also change the color in the middle of the ruffles on her stockings.

3 thoughts on “1/6 Velvet

  1. my velvet came to my hands this week and i was searching for someone who made a good paint in garage kits, to my luck i found ur videos on youtube and visit this workshop, to my best luck u made a work on velvet and this make me happy, congrats to ur awesome work…i dream a day to be 10% good than you xD….

    congrats….hope share my job with u some day

  2. Omg Thats really good!! i will admit i was searching airbrush tips for cosplay and i ran into website! It made me want to build my own Gk kit and i just recently order one from e2046. keep up the awesome work!! XD

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