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 Tools of the trade  Skin tone Chart  Types of Finishes  Good Recasts VS Thai recasts  Types of Primers
   shads  image_11954  rep  eyes
 Tips for Using Future Shine  Shading Tecniques Airbrush troubleshooting
and compressor guide 
Your first GK, Sanding, Fixing
small broken pieces
 How to Paint Eyes
 thum clearresin output_VPqBlm  thumb stocking
How to Paint Clear Resin Making removable parts
for your kits
Using Magnets
How to paint
Black Stockings and

 How to paint
White Stockings

“Back 2 Basics”

Back 2 Basics is a mini series with the topics you want to know about basic gk building, dedicated to newbies and not so newbie gk builders, check out a new episode every week!

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37 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. I know you don’t have anything to do with e2046 anymore, but while I was looking through their gallery I came across this one person’s work, that I really need to figure how they did it, and was wondering if you’ve used any type of material as they have. It’s an elastic material that they substituted for the original swimsuit. I really would like to know what material or any idea of material to use as I have a couple of GK that I would like to cover up, and this material seems perfect for that. Here is the link http://www.e2046.com/gallery/view/16404 If you could help me identify that material or any ideas of doing something like this would greatly be appreciated.

  2. Hi Leona, I have a question concerning the clear coats application between paint jobs, When you apply the floor finish, do you use an airbrush? If so what do you use to clean it afterwards? I ask because I do not wish to damage an airbrush in the process. Is it the same with the Galeria matte varnish?

  3. Hey Leona,
    Your tutorials are extremely helpful with the kitting process. I have a question regarding the pledge / galeria matte finish. Do you just pour the stuff into the airbrush and airbrush in directly onto the resin kits? If so what do you use to clean the airbrush when your done? I just want to make sure I don’t damage an airbrush in the process of sealing it.

  4. Puedo ver que usas acrilicos de manualidades (creo que asi se traduce, ni idea) de Folkart, ¿los usas con el aerografo?, si es asi; ¿como los diluyes?, ¿que presión se usa?

    • Asi es, los uso con el aerografo, para poder diluirlos uso agua, depende de que tan espesa sea cada pintura, porque varia, voy a diluirla hasta que este un poquito mas espeso que leche y la presion varia si quiero hacer detalles muy finos, use 20 psi, si quiero cubrir una area grande, uso 30 psi de presion 🙂

  5. hi
    your tutorials are very helpful. thanks. but I have a request. how about a tutorial on vinyl kits? have you ever made any of those? the epoxy putty doesn’t stick to the vinyl, and of course will feel totally different than the vinyl when dried. I need some tips on this. any help would be appreciated.

  6. Leona I want to start off with how thankfull I am to you ad your vids. 🙂 Thay have helped me so much. Your figure modifcations was so nice! Do you think you could do a more advanced vid tho? Also do you think you could make a vid on just how to mak resin molds? I know you said you don’t sculpt, but I just can’t get my resin molds to work on my custom sculptures. What I mean is I draw a pose I like thin I sculpt it I clay, however I can get a resin cast to come out nice. tons of air bubbles , even wh I cut my model is to dif parts. Can you help me? even something small would be model!! thank you even if you cant help me. plz keep making vids 🙂 and I hope you are doing well !

    • Hey Faye,

      I’m not really knowledgeable on making molds other than the ones you can use as a single piece, like for example a base, you don’t need a 2 part mold to do it.

      Mold making and resin casting is not something I’ve done because I don’t have equipment to do it or the materials, I do know that in order to make a clear resin cast you need a vacuum chamber to remove all the air bubbles, regular resin is suppose to be more simpler as you just tap on the sides of the 2 part mold to try and get the bubbles out but if you say you still get them then you will need that vacuum.

      I’ve seen several tutorials on mold making and this one is the simplest one I’ve found, I hope it can help you.

  7. Hey Leona, I have a question about paint. I love the vivid pastel colors that are used on the GK kits. But I am only familiar with tamiya paints, and tamiya does not make those awesome colors. What brand/ type of paint is used to get those awesome colors?

    • Hi Matthew,

      I rarely use tamiya now a days, I tend to use more of the craft paint colors like folkart and americana, I do know that mr hobby has bright colors but they’re lacquers and I’m not sure if you have the necessary tools to use them like a spraybooth to fan out the toxic fumes.

  8. I have a question which maybe way out in left field. I have looked at many figures primarily from E2046., I would be interested in building several of this kits but to be honest when I think of building a lot of these kits I feel like a “dirty old man”. I am not interested in reproducing a specific character from a amime series but I would like to build an interesting figure and put it in a setting that makes sense (I mean a diorama). Are there any techniques that I could try to make these very attractive figures look more like a mature women. Just holding a huge sword does not transform a figure from a teenager into an adult women not matter how well endowed she is. Maybe I am looking at the wrong figures but it seems to me almost all the figures have the same basic features and their facial characteristics and expressions are all way too young for their bodies. Is this simply a fact of anime in the hobby or have others been able to make these figures more mature? I have built figures in several scales both military and civilian and never had to really think about the age of the figure. Am I being silly or is this a realistic concern? I am not a hormone driven teenager and would really like to portray some of these figures in a way that I would not be embarrassed to show to my girl friend. Would converting these figures spoil the whole GK approach to the hobby? I have noticed a few of the kits have a “real” vs “anime” selection. There a are very few in the larger scales. Several 1/20 kits (pilots and mechanics) appear to have more mature characteristics. Please don’t take this question wrong I fully intend to build several of the GK kits from E2046. I have ordered about 15 or so and am turning my studio in a resin “shop”. I am enjoying my NEW hobby very much and will continue to do so.

    • Hey Howard!

      Don’t worry! I don’t look or judge people just because they buy those kits, there are tastes for everyone 🙂

      I understand where you’re coming from, I do believe I have found several female kits that don’t look so “young” although the majority of them are asian females, as far as making a young female kit look more mature, it can be done, I’m actually editing a special tutorial as we speak, it’s all about kit modifications, it should be up between today and tomorrow, I’m not sure if it will help with making someone look much older but it does have the bases, check out this person’s deviantart, he made a young belldandy look older, maybe you can get ideas on how to do it as well with other kits http://artyamg.deviantart.com/gallery/5594180

      • Yes that is exactly what I was talking about. Several great ideas in his pictures. I really like several of the available figures if I can get away from the sweet cutie look. I am looking forward to your tutorial with great interest. If I can pull this off I might like to try an even more mature women especially if she is warrior or the like. Thank you for your understanding my question.

  9. i have the krylon white primer and well i never used this stuff before but i was wondering if its suppose to to drip off the the pieces your trying to primer i used it on a sculpey figure i made but it just kept dripping off the clay

      • Yes it was cooked even burned a little but I’m assuming it takes more than one coat to cover but it wouldn’t cover easily

    • well, I’m really not sure why it drips then, have you tried just spraying light coats until it’s fully covered? if yes then maybe that clay can’t be painted, you would need to cast it in resin to be able to paint it.

  10. your tutorials are great but i was wondering if you knew of any tutorials of how to use or set up an airbrush for someone whos NEVER even touched and airbursh but is going to to start doing GKs -_- ;

  11. Your work is among my favorite. I would love to see a tutorial on how to RE-paint parts when they get royally messed up. It happens to me alot as I’m a n00b. I have one that is so bad, I love her, but I need to know how to fix her. Keep on Kitting! You’re the best!

  12. mil gracias por todos tus consejos de verdad voy aconsegir mis herramientas y un kit y te lo mostrare soloque va ser tardado mas o menos a mediados de año si Dios lo permite je je gracias

    • E2046 es de donde compro 90% de mis figuras, otro 5% en http://www.hobbyfan.com 3% en ebay pero solo si son originales o si la persona vendiendolas dice que son de E (que son varias) y el otro 2% ya es cuendo decido pagar precio completo y mas por una figura original en Yahoo Japan Auctions por medio de un proxy pero salen bastante caras las figuras porque pagas al vendedor, envio del vendedor al proxy, comisiones del proxy y envio del proxy a ti, date una idea, compre una figura en 3000 yens y vine pagando casi 6800 yens despues de todo lo que me cobraron.

  13. I have actually done both things of what you’re asking on a video I made of when I was working with Sailor Cosmos, you can click on the link above to my youtube channel and look for the video of Sailor Cosmos WIP part 1 🙂

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