Tips for using Future Shine

Here are some good tips and little tricks you can use on your gk building process.

Using future floor wax to seal your kits:

If you use acrylic paint like Tamiya, you will notice that there are really no sealers for acrylic paint but only for enamels and lacquers, I used to use testors dull coat to seal my work, but I noticed that it eat away the paint below, so a little tip on sealing without eating away is by using future directly from the bottle, no need to thin it. Now, depending on the texture that you want to give your work, you can use it in different ways, if you want to dullcoat it, just apply future on your pieces, let it dry over night and once dry, use testers dull coat to completely take away the glossy finish, your figure is already protected so it will not eat the paint below it.

If you don’t want to dull coat but have different finishes from glossy, to satin, flat and super flat, you can use the next little formula:

You will need a flat base, Tamiya has it’s own flat base color, by adding:

1 part flat base to 3 parts Future = very flat
1 part flat base to 10 parts Future = flat
1 part flat base to 15 parts Future = satin

If you get too much of anybodies flat base on the surface of your model you run the risk of making it all go white. No thinning is required just make sure it is well mixed.

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