GK Building Classes

clasesThis is a service I’m providing for those of you interested in having personalized coaching and/or assistance on how to build and paint GK’s.

The assistance provided will be specially designed for you, based on your needs, questions and/or doubts on a topic (s) you need help with, no question is too dumb, so don’t be afraid to ask it.

This can be either helping you with your first ever garage kit step by step with me guiding you all the way, or you can also request special assistance even is you are not exactly a beginner and just want to know how to do something in particular or need more information on products, techniques, etc.

Advise, tips, constructive criticism, suggestions; everything so you can improve your skills and get better at painting like the pros.

Each session will be given via Skype video call, rates depend from person to person depending  and the type of assistance they need and  will be charged by the hour, Paypal will be the preferred method of payment and will be required before the session starts.

Assistance includes screen sharing as many of the materials for reference are photos and videos, this will also help you visually in addition to written and verbal instructions.

I speak English and Spanish, so helping you out in any of the two languages will not be a problem.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you with more info, be sure to be very specific on the topic (s) you wish to be helped with so I can provide you with assistance more easily.

Do not contact me to just ask a question for something you can’t understand or don’t know, this is a service I’m offering only for paid sessions, meaning that this is more like a personalized class on gk building, questions like “what brand of paint can I use?” or “what airbrush should I buy?” will not be answered, only use this form if you want to schedule a session via skupe to talk one on one on gk building.


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