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All GK talk with Leona and Seraph is a podcast series where we talk about topics regarding gk’s, gk building, gk gossip and overall tips and tricks for the gk enthusiast.

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For those of you that don’t know Seraph, she’s a long time friend and colleague of mine, very talented gk’er and an amazing person, even though we live on extreme sides of the continent, we get together to have fun and share our thoughts with you via our podcast.
A note to people listening to our episodes at work or near children, we do use explicit language that can be considered NSFW, discretion is advised.

To download the episodes, right click on the thumbnail and select “Save link as”.

Season 2

 season 2 thumbSeason 2
Episode 1
GK Hoarding and Our Most Loved and hated Gk’s
If you want to keep up with our conversation, please check out the links below to visualize the the kits that we talk about in this episode.
To contact us, you can do so via my contact form or you can do it via our facebooks pages, Seraph’s page is this one, link to mine can be found here
You can also check out Serpah’s Tumblr here
Word document with the list of links to the figures we talk about in this episode in order of mention can be found here All gk Talk links reference

Season 1

New LogoSeason 1
Episode 1
Where to buy gk’s
New LogoSeason 1
Episode 2
Primers and Acrylic paints
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 3
Lacquer and Enamel paints
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 4
In this episode we talked about using proxies to purchase from Yahoo Japan Auctions and we also talk about GK-Model which is an online gk retailer.
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 5 & 6
The GK Blues and Critiques.
We were going on a little hiatus around the recording of this episode, so we decided to mix 2 in 1.
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 7
The MFC Community (myfigurecollection aka tsuki board)
We recorded this episode live with several of our listeners, so we also did a Q and A at the end.
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 8
How we got into GK building
 New LogoSeason 1
Episode 9
Senpai is noticing you!
We did a another live recording with our fans, we did a live Q and A and talked about misc topics
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