About me

My name is Leona and I’ve been painting resin figures since 2006.

Throughout the years, I’ve gained an extensive range of knowledge on how to paint these amazing figures to bring them to life.

My style tends to reflect how a character originally looks like in an anime or video game rendition, I tend to use bright colors where it’s needed and softer or darker tones if it’s required, however, I always accept any color or tone changes that a client might request, I like to give the figure different finished to emulate how things look like in real life, from fabric to armor and even leather and skin tone, I enjoy working with a variety of paints and techniques, while some artists rely on natural light to cast shadows on a figure, I paint the shadings in so no matter the type of light environment it might be placed under, you will still appreciate all the shadows and details.

Born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico back in ’83, I still reside in the same place with no plans to move anytime soon.
Other than painting resin figures, I also enjoy working with anything craft related, from painting, coloring, knitting, etc. I love the Japanese culture and enjoy the little things in life. I enjoy camping and some outdoor activities but I’m also a hermit nerd on a day to day basis, I’m into anime, video games, music and wide range of movie genres, but my favorites are Sci-Fi, comedy, fantasy, MCU, action and thrillers, I dislike horror movies and anything that has jump scares.

If you liked my work, be sure to follow me on all my social media platforms as well as youtube.


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