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Hello everybody!

I’m excited to announce that I’m finally on Patreon! After much though and planning, I decided to open my official profile and invite all my followers to visit my page and consider becoming a supporter 🙂

For those of you that don’t know, Patreon in similar to crowdfunding sites like kickstarter or indie gogo, the difference is that it’s an ongoing campaign and you decide with how much and for how long you support your favorite creator or project, also not only will you be supporting a creator, in this case me, but you will also get special rewards and perks for becoming my patron 😀

One of the many rewards and perks that patrons get will be access to my patreon feed as well as access to exclusive videos only for my patrons!
Not to worry, even though I might create exclusive videos for those who contribute, I will still be creating regular youtube videos for the general public.

So take a look and consider becoming my supporter today 😀 … or tomorrow or whenever you like 😛

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Out with the old and in with the new

We’ve made it everyone! 2016 is here, I wish I was able to write this before the year ended but I spent new years secluded up in the mountains to get some peace and quiet, to do something different and also to rest from a very long year, there was nothing better than being cooped up in a little cabin with a fire to keep you warm and looking out at the window and see patchy snow left from a few days before when it snowed, I completely disconnected myself from civilization and technology for 4 days, so it gave me some time to think about 2015, the good, the bad and the ugly, the amazing and the funny.

20151231_151359 20151231_151257 20151231_151308 20151231_151319 20151231_151350 20151231_151354

2015 was filled with so many things, too many to even count them all, my life long dream of traveling to Japan was granted, I moved to a new house away from noisy and pesky neighbors to finally live in peace without the screams of  bratty kids and the horrible music of upstairs and downstairs neighbors, met amazing friends, see my youtube channel thrive gaining almost 2000 more subscribers in a year.

Some things that I did notice even more last year were more problems with people taking my work without permission, another girl on instagram claiming credit for the work I did, then just before the year ended, I had to add plagiarism to the list, it was interesting, as I had never imagined someone copying how I did videos down to the last detail on my style and formatting, fortunately that last incident ended quickly and without major incidents with the youtuber that uploaded that video and took it down, unlike the rest of the people that I confronted about taking my photographs and claiming credit for something they didn’t do that went horrible crazy.

This year there will be a lot of changes, starting from taking less commissions to be able to work with my personal projects, for the last 2 years I’ve only been working on other people’s kits and none of mine, don’t get me wrong, I love working with kits, if not I wouldn’t be painting them, it’s just that once in a while, I wish I keep at least 1 for me you know 😉

Less commissions means less money for me as I make a living out this, but balancing commissions and youtube videos is extremely hard, many of you don’t know how much time it takes to film, edit and produce a video, regardless of it being a tutorial or WIP video, and last year came with a lot of changes that set back my schedule and I was getting behind on due dates for the commissions I was working on, that meant no videos for long periods of time, so I received some encouragement to finally start my Patreon account, this is the best way I discovered that I could balance commissions and provide more quality videos for everyone to watch and enjoy, it’s something I’m working on right now to produce enough content and share via Patreon streams, I don’t make any money from my videos, I just one day decided to spread knowledge on something I’m very passionate about and applied my video editing skills to make videos to be my medium to share said knowledge, so I hope that some people might come forward and give their support by becoming my patreons so I can keep producing even more quality videos and also finally accept requests for videos from patreons.

Patreon is the big project I have for 2016 and depending on how it goes, it will be the determining factor if I produce more videos or if I go back to accepting more commissions. So I do hope that it goes well for either scenario. So please look forward to it.

For those that didn’t catch my last video of the year, you can watch it here

And remember to check out my last 2 works from 2015


Why I don’t reply to certain emails and messages

It might have come to several people’s attention that are writing emails and sending me messages via facebook that I’m really not answering to many of them.

I feel I need to explain a little on why I’m doing this, or more exactly, why I’m not doing it.

At the beginning when my page was open to the public and my videos were getting more attention, people started to message me asking me for help on different topics, I naturally wanted to help so I tended to write very specific and extended info on how to do things, this including pictures and other materials, taking a lot of time to construct my message back to work as a mini tutorial for what the person was asking me for; I noticed that the majority of these people never replied back, that made me feel used and even felt that I wasted my time because a simple “thanks for writing” was no where to be found, it was getting to be too often when this happened so I specified on my contact page that I would no longer help anyone via email, I make a living out of gk building, so time I waste on writing back to someone who may or may not appreciate it, is money that I wasted, hence the beginning of my “Personalized Coaching” section where I can formalize a 1 on 1 session for guidance on whatever topic, however this would be a paid session, people seem to think that my time is not worth money to them, but this is where they’re wrong, you can abuse someone’s good intentions for so long before that person decides to not help anyone at all, and due to a lot of people’s disregard to my time and what it really means. So if you contact me without the intent of scheduling a tutoring session waiting to get a reply on how to do something, I won’t answer back.

People asking me for prices on commissions even though I wrote in bold red letters that I’m not taking any and won’t know when I’ll open them again, If I’ve specifically left that indication on my contact page, I still wonder why people still disregard it and ask me about it, why? People need to understand that due to the amount of attention from my videos, a lot of people want to commission me, don’t get me wrong, I’m really flattered that I get this much attention for my services, but I can only take so few commissions to work in a year, I just have to 2 hands and no one to help me, I wish I could take everyone’s commission, but it’s not humanly possible for me. Even asking me for reference prices, that is also something that I will not answer to, because I need to be honest here, if I ever do open commissions again, my prices will not be the same, so if you ask me anything regarding prices or availability for commissions, you won’t get any reply.

People that also had contacted me for commission prices in the past, many of the times they don’t even reply back when I provide them with the info they requested, I know that not everybody will be able to afford my prices, but that’s no excuse to not even reply back with a “thanks, I’ll think about it” or even be honest and say “It’s out of my budged, but thanks for replying back” all I sometimes want to get is acknowledgment from the person who wrote in the first place, it’s also basic manners,  I promise, I don’t get offended or anything, so a simple “thanks, but not right now” is more than enough for me to know that the person got my email, this is not just for me, this should apply to all artist that you contact for a quote, be courteous and acknowledge the person who took the time out of their busy schedule to reply back.

People that sometimes email me or message me on facebook with no words but just pictures, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what it is you want to convey,  I understand words, both in English and Spanish (and some basic ones in Japanese too), I don’t understand hieroglyphic pictures… that includes people messaging me with only emoticons, or just a “hi” and nothing more, be specific, be clear, be coherent, because if not, you won’t ever have an answer from me.

People that contact me for help or references for something that I don’t even specialize in, this includes any help for things related to PVC figures, believe it or not, I’ve received emails from people asking me how to remove factory imperfections from prepainted figures, others ask me about figmas and even nendoroids, someone asked me about color codes to paint a plastic spaceship, I just recently got a message on DA asking me to give an in depth explanation on how to pose figmas for pictures????? I don’t know how it is that these people think that I’ll know about this when my website and even DA profile specify that I only work with resin, not plastic, not figmas (side note: I dislike them a lot) and specially not plastic models…. It’s even kind of insulting, these people either don’t read my profiles or they do but don’t care anyway thinking that I’ll have the answers to everything, imagine you’re a blacksmith and someone comes up to you and asks if you can help explain how to sew a cosplay costume…confusing right?. If you ask me questions like those, you won’t get a reply from me.

Lastly… people asking me where to buy kits…. this one is no brainer… there’s a page full of links on my website, one dedicated to where to buy kits, I won’t reply back when the answer is already there.

I short:
If you don’t have a question from above topics, be courteous and reply back with a simple “thanks” if you don’t want to say anything more, that goes for everyone that you contact for help or information, that’s more than enough acknowledgement for the person.
READ before filling out any contact form.
Don’t assume that the person has the answers to anything, especially if they don’t specialize in that field(s).

That is all.
Now here’s a little dance for your enjoyment 🙂

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